Rosemary is a Week Old

I haven’t quite gotten to Rosemary’s birth story yet, but she is a week old today and I wanted to share her one week photos! Some highlights from the week include…

  • She was born!
  • She got to meet her mommy, daddy, grandparents, Uncle Will, Aunt Linda, cousin Payton, cousin Willy, Robert & Melissa Hall, great aunts Melinda & Kim, and cousins Rachel & Kelly
  • She was finally introduced to her puppy sisters, Juneau and Scout (photos of their introductions to come!)
  • She had her first doctor’s appointment (where we learned that she hadn’t gained weight since leaving the hospital, but was otherwise very healthy)
  • She worked on learning to breastfeed…which seems to be an all hours of the day job
  • She got to spend lots of time with mommy, daddy, and Grandma Roeder, who came to stay for the week
  • She practiced making lots of silly faces and noises
  • She has proven to be one of the sweetest and most content babies I’ve ever seen. We are truly blessed!

Rosemary One Week-1Rosemary One Week-2Rosemary One Week-3Rosemary One Week-4Rosemary One Week-5Rosemary One Week-6Rosemary One Week-7Rosemary One Week-8Rosemary One Week-9Rosemary One Week-10Rosemary One Week-11Rosemary One Week-12Rosemary One Week-13Rosemary One Week-14

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