Rosemary is Two Weeks Old

Rosemary Two Weeks-1

Rosemary is officially two weeks old, and since the flowers are still beautiful in our backyard, we headed out for another little photoshoot. This week, we’ve become a little more comfortable having this tiny baby in our house.

Here are some highlights for the week:

  • Her umbilical cord stump fell off!
  • Rosemary had her first bath! She didn’t really love it, but she tolerated it and smelled like a clean little baby afterwards (I, obviously, got photos….will post later!)
  • She had to go to the doctor twice to keep track of her weight. She is still about 4oz under her birth weight, but the doctor is finally happy with her weight gains.
  • She had her first night at home alone with just her mom and dad….and she survived!
  • She met her uncle Brandon, who flew into Atlanta from San Francisco just to meet her!

Some of these photos are a little more “behind the scenes,” but I thought it was cute how much help she needed to stay upright. She does seem to be holding her head up a little better than last week, though!

Rosemary Two Weeks-2Rosemary Two Weeks-3Rosemary Two Weeks-4

She makes the funniest little faces!

Rosemary Two Weeks-5Rosemary Two Weeks-6Rosemary Two Weeks-7

…and as a bonus, here are a couple behind the scenes photos of the doggies watching us take a few photos.

Rosemary Two Weeks-8Rosemary Two Weeks-9

And a photo of Rosemary cuddling daddy!

Rosemary Two Weeks-10

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