Rosemary is Three Weeks Old

Rosemary Three Weeks-3This week was a little calmer than previous weeks. We are starting to get comfortable with our schedule and with taking care of a newborn. We’ve been home from the hospital for a couple weeks, I’m recovering pretty well at this point, and Rosemary is successfully growing! Here are some milestones from this week:

  • Rosemary (finally) hit her birthweight! In fact, at the weigh-in, she breezed past it at 8lbs 13.4oz!
  • We finally went out in public together. Rosemary’s first trip (other than to the doctor or on a walk outside) was to Target. She rode around in her stroller for almost an hour and was an angel the whole time!

Rosemary Three Weeks-1Rosemary Three Weeks-2Rosemary Three Weeks-4Rosemary Three Weeks-5Rosemary Three Weeks-6Rosemary Three Weeks-7

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