Rosemary’s Newborn Session

Rosemary Newborn Session-1

First of all, let me just say that this is picture overload. I’ve posted all the photos that weren’t overly repetitive, so get ready to scroll…a lot!

As a photographer and lover of photos, I knew that a newborn meant that I HAD to get some amazing photos. And if I wanted to be in any of them, that meant hiring someone, which I am so glad I did! Brooke Whitney Photography did an amazing job capturing all of Rosemary’s faces and posing her in the cutest ways!

It was important to me that the photos reflect the way Rosemary actually looked rather thanĀ getting overly-styled, Anne Geddes type photos. Plus, I had spent a lot of time personalizing Rosemary’s nursery and wanted to capture that! I love that these photos reflect our natural environment for this special time in our lives!

Rosemary Newborn Session-2Rosemary Newborn Session-3Rosemary Newborn Session-4Rosemary Newborn Session-5Rosemary Newborn Session-6Rosemary Newborn Session-7Rosemary Newborn Session-8Rosemary Newborn Session-9Rosemary Newborn Session-10Rosemary Newborn Session-11Rosemary Newborn Session-12Rosemary Newborn Session-13Rosemary Newborn Session-14Rosemary Newborn Session-15Rosemary Newborn Session-16Rosemary Newborn Session-17Rosemary Newborn Session-18Rosemary Newborn Session-19Rosemary Newborn Session-20Rosemary Newborn Session-21Rosemary Newborn Session-22Rosemary Newborn Session-23Rosemary Newborn Session-24Rosemary Newborn Session-25Rosemary Newborn Session-26Rosemary Newborn Session-27Rosemary Newborn Session-28Rosemary Newborn Session-29Rosemary Newborn Session-30Rosemary Newborn Session-31Rosemary Newborn Session-32Rosemary Newborn Session-33Rosemary Newborn Session-34Rosemary Newborn Session-35Rosemary Newborn Session-36Rosemary Newborn Session-37Rosemary Newborn Session-38Rosemary Newborn Session-39Rosemary Newborn Session-40Rosemary Newborn Session-41Rosemary Newborn Session-42Rosemary Newborn Session-43Rosemary Newborn Session-44Rosemary Newborn Session-45Rosemary Newborn Session-46Rosemary Newborn Session-47Rosemary Newborn Session-48Rosemary Newborn Session-49Rosemary Newborn Session-50Rosemary Newborn Session-51Rosemary Newborn Session-52Rosemary Newborn Session-53Rosemary Newborn Session-54Rosemary Newborn Session-55Rosemary Newborn Session-56Rosemary Newborn Session-57Rosemary Newborn Session-58Rosemary Newborn Session-59Rosemary Newborn Session-60Rosemary Newborn Session-61Rosemary Newborn Session-62Rosemary Newborn Session-63Rosemary Newborn Session-64Rosemary Newborn Session-65Rosemary Newborn Session-66Rosemary Newborn Session-67Rosemary Newborn Session-68Rosemary Newborn Session-69Rosemary Newborn Session-70Rosemary Newborn Session-71Rosemary Newborn Session-72Rosemary Newborn Session-73Rosemary Newborn Session-74Rosemary Newborn Session-75Rosemary Newborn Session-76Rosemary Newborn Session-77Rosemary Newborn Session-78Rosemary Newborn Session-79Rosemary Newborn Session-80Rosemary Newborn Session-81Rosemary Newborn Session-82Rosemary Newborn Session-83Rosemary Newborn Session-84Rosemary Newborn Session-85Rosemary Newborn Session-86Rosemary Newborn Session-87Rosemary Newborn Session-88Rosemary Newborn Session-89Rosemary Newborn Session-90Rosemary Newborn Session-91Rosemary Newborn Session-92Rosemary Newborn Session-93Rosemary Newborn Session-94

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