Rosemary is One Month Old

Rosemary One Month-1

In what feels like the blink of an eye, Rosemary is one month old! I had a lot of expectations of what being a mom would be like, and I am happy to say that reality has far surpassed any expectation. Rosemary is such a good baby, that she has made this experience such a blast so far!

We spent the first few weeks trying to get Rosemary up to her birth weight, which was pretty exhausting. We had to feed her every two hours for a couple weeks, which meant that we only got about an hour of sleep at a time! At this point, we are typically feeding her on demand, which is about every 3 hours (sometimes 4 hours at night). It’s still pretty tiring, but we are pretty blessed by the fact that Rosemary is never really fussy. When we wake up to feed her, she eats, gets swaddled, and goes right back to sleep! During the day, she either falls asleep, looks around, or tries to talk! She gets hiccups a lot, which was funny to me since she had hiccups so much when I was pregnant!

At a month old, we can tell she is starting to watch things and even track us with her eyes! She was so sensitive to light when she was born, but now she’ll keep her eyes open for long stretches looking at the room or her mommy and daddy! She especially loves the chandelier in our den!

Chris and I love cuddling her. I especially love when she sleeps on my chest in her little froggy pose. I’ll be sad when she can’t do that anymore, so I’m trying to enjoy it as much as possible right now!

We’ve gone out of the house a few times and she has been wonderful. She falls asleep immediately in the car and will sleep most of the time she is in the stroller or baby wrap. We even went up to my parents’ farm in Blairsville and she slept the whole two hours in the car!

One of the biggest surprises is that she is never disturbed by the dogs’ barking. When I imagined life with a newborn, I feared that the dogs’ barking would be the cause of lots of hysterical baby moments. However, regardless of whether she is awake or asleep, she never seems to mind the dogs. In fact, their relationships are pretty cute to watch!

I am so thankful that Rosemary has gone easy on us this first month. I know that an easy first month doesn’t mean she will always be easy, but I was nervous to adjust to life with a baby, and she has made it an easy transition! I know everyone says it, but we really do love her more than we could have ever anticipated!


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