Rosemary’s First Smile

One of the many things I didn’t know about babies is that they reflex smile from birth. It has been pretty cute watching her smile in her sleep or when we are holding her, but it was always unprompted. Most of the time, her eyes were closed or it was otherwise apparent that the smile was not caused by recognizing us. So, when she finally smiled in response to something we did, it was pretty exciting!

Rosemary’s first smile was caused by Chris tapping her nose with his nose. We don’t have her actual first smile documented because it was unexpected, but since she continued to smile when we tapped her nose, we got a video of the next one (check out the bottom of this post)!

After that, I wanted to make sure that we captured one of her beautiful smiles on my nicer camera for posterity! So, when she was awake and seemed pretty happy, I set up a fun area for her and tried to lure it out!

Rosemary Smiles-2Rosemary Smiles-3

Rosemary Smiles-10Rosemary Smiles-11Rosemary Smiles-9

Rosemary Smiles-4Rosemary Smiles-5Rosemary Smiles-7Rosemary Smiles-8Rosemary Smiles-1

…and here it is!! Such a cute smile and such a happy baby!

Rosemary Smiles-6

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