Rosemary is Two Months Old

Rosemary Two Months-1-16

Rosemary’s second month has been a fun one. She is starting to interact with the world, and it’s so exciting to watch her do something or see something for the first time.

Her first smile was to her daddy. At the time she liked to be booped on the nose with our nose. But, of course, that lasted for about half a day. Lately, she has been loving to watch us stick out our tongue, and even copies us by sticking her tongue out in response. She also loves this strange song that Chris started singing one day called “Banana Phone.” I guess we are officially entering the stage where she loves baby songs! I’m sure we look ridiculous when we are trying to get her to smile, singing silly tunes and making all sorts of weird noises, but it’s totally worth it when she finally has a big grin on her face (just look at this photo)!

Rosemary Two Months-1-7

We’ve started to get more comfortable taking her out of the house, too. We go on lots of walks around the neighborhood, take trips to the store, and bring her to restaurants. It’s nice to be able to get out of the house a little more. I even took her to the Eric Carle exhibit at the High Museum with a friend. She did pretty well there, but when she started crying because she was hungry, she sounded very loud compared to the very quiet museum. Whoops! At least we got her a cute little book afterwards!

She still sleeps in our room every night, which I told Chris she’ll do until she goes to college (ha!). I just love her being in there. It’s so cute to wake up and see her sleeping so peacefully. We haven’t really tried to get her on any sort of sleep schedule yet. It doesn’t really occur to me to get her on one unless someone mentions their baby’s schedule. We’re pretty much just letting her do what she wants to do at this point. She’s a pretty content baby, and if she only wants to sleep on my lap, that’s what I want her to do anyways! She used to sleep almost the whole time she wasn’t eating, but now she’s awake about half the time during the day. At night, she’s been getting more and more sleep, making it to 7, 8, or 9 hours sometime! Even after longer stints, though, Chris and I both still feel sleepy! I guess it takes a while to recover!

She is so strong and can hold her head up on her own quite a bit! She used to be content to cuddle in the froggy pose on our chest all the time, but now she wants to look out at the world a little more. Her favorite pose is to be sat up and bounced while she looks around! As the photos show, she is putting on some cute baby fat and is starting to develop adorable little baby rolls. Her hair is actually continuing to get thicker and longer, too! I was sure her hair was going to fall out, but it’s holding out and is so soft! Her eyes are still blue at this point and her eyelashes actually seem to be getting longer all the time.

Overall, Rosemary continues to be so sweet, and we are still loving this parenting thing!

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