Happy Father’s Day

I’ve gone on and on about how wonderful of a dad Chris has been since Rosemary was born. But how do I know a good dad when I see one? Well, the wonderful father I had, of course!

One of my first memories with my dad was him coming to my preschool to make boo boo bunnies with me (ya know, a washcloth folded up like a bunny to hold ice for boo boos). I thought it was so fun that he came to my school to craft with me, and I remember looking for that boo boo bunny for years. I’m not sure the life expectancy of the boo boo bunny – does it unfold or is it glued together in some way? Looking back, though, it’s the perfect memory for two reasons.

  1. Firstly, the boo boo bunny was a craft that we made together. We probably didn’t quite know it at the time, but dad and I share the same gentle, but somewhat infuriating personality. A big part of that personality is our love of a good project.
  2. Secondly, the boo boo bunny is for fixing ailments, and dad has always been there to help fix what needed fixing, both literally (see: cabinets and leaky basement) and figuratively. For the latter, I have a few specific memories. There were a few times where my mom had to play the big bad mom card and let me cry it out in my room. I don’t remember the circumstances – probably something to do with my being bratty – but I remember dad coming in after a while to give me a hug. I was and am a sucker for attention, and I always remembered him coming in to comfort me and lend me an ear. Another was after some catastrophic events of 2010 (cough cough, we all know what I mean), I remember waiting for a table at a Mexican restaurant and just starting to cry. So many others wanted to talk it out, but dad just gave me a big hug, and I remember thinking that there were nice guys still. And finally, I’ve mentioned it before, but I know I’ll always remember dad checking on me first after Rosemary was born. Everyone else flocked to the new baby in the room, but dad wanted to make sure I was okay first.

Anyways, I’m writing this on my phone because Rosemary hates it when I open my computer, but all this to say that I’ve been blessed with a wonderful father of my own to help set an example of how a good dad should act. Love you dad…Happy Father’s Day (and first grandfather’s day for Rosemary)!

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