Rosemary’s Kitty Cat Outfit

Bumbo + Cat Outfit-2-2Last week, I raided a stash of old fabric that my parents had returned to me a few years back. My parents had gifted me with a stack of fabric for Christmas one year (per my very strange request), and had saved it for all these years. So, when I started getting into sewing baby outfits, I wanted to see if there was any fabric that would be good for rompers.

And while I did find some fabric that was cute and baby-ish, I also found a couple puppy and kitty prints that went together surprisingly well. After a lot of internet support for making an outfit out of this (somewhat hideous) fabric, I whipped up this little number. It looks shockingly cute…as everything does on Rosemary!

Bumbo + Cat Outfit-1-2Bumbo + Cat Outfit-3-2Bumbo + Cat Outfit-4Bumbo + Cat Outfit-5Bumbo + Cat Outfit-6Bumbo + Cat Outfit-7Bumbo + Cat Outfit-8Bumbo + Cat Outfit-9

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