Rosemary is 3 Months Old

Rosemary 3 Months-3You are a quarter of a year old today, Rosemary! And guess what? You’re still the best baby I’ve ever had 😉

This month, we had a little bit more alone time because dad went back to work (even if he was working from home half the time). I’ve been working to get you on a little bit more of a schedule, so I figured I would share some of our day as a way to share some of your favorite things.

The Morning

Well, you’re still sleeping in your bassinet in our room. I like how easy it is to wake up and feed you…plus, you’re just so cute so I don’t want you to go to your room yet. I know that once you leave our room, you’re not really coming back (until you have a bad dream or need some snuggles), and I’m just not ready for that yet.

In the mornings, we usually wake up with your face squished up against the side of the bassinet (thankfully, the Halo Bassinest has mesh sides!). We always think you want to be closer to mom and dad and scoot your way over. It’s seriously the cutest.

Rosemary 3 Months-1

When I wake you up, you LOVE stretching. You always arch your back and make this cute little duck face.

Rosemary 3 Months-2

After I feed you, I make myself some coffee and we watch an episode of Sesame Street. You like to talk back to the TV, and I’m always impressed by how well your eyes follow what is going on. My mom got you an Abby Cadabby doll, and you love her hair. Since it’s made of yarn, I’m hoping that’s a sign that you’ll like crafts 😉

Then we play a little bit and I eat lunch at some point. You really love the activity gym I made because one of the toys plays music. We’ve also recently bought a Jumperoo, and you’re doing so well in it! Your feet don’t reach the ground yet, so we have to put a pillow under your feet. You don’t bounce much yet, but you hold your head up well and enjoy watching the lights that go with the music.

Rosemary 3 Months-21Rosemary 3 Months-22Rosemary 3 Months-23Rosemary 3 Months-24Rosemary 3 Months-25The Afternoon

After we finish playing, and a few rounds of feedings, you’re typically ready for a nap. I haven’t quite gotten you on a schedule yet, but sometime between 1 and 3PM, you fall asleep for a couple hours. I’m trying to get you to sleep in your crib so you start to associate it with sleep….but sometimes you just want to be closer to mommy, so I put you in the swing/rock-n-play near me or in my arms. I love snuggling you while you sleep, but I want to make sure you are okay when I’m not around, so I try to make sure you sleep elsewhere…sometimes….

While you nap, I’ve been sewing clothes for you. The below photos are you modeling one of my newest creations! It’s knit so that it’s super comfy!

Rosemary 3 Months-4Rosemary 3 Months-6
Rosemary 3 Months-8Rosemary 3 Months-9Rosemary 3 Months-10Rosemary 3 Months-11Rosemary 3 Months-12

You like your paci, and I think it helps you fall asleep better than other things, but you also love chewing on your hands. I was worried that you were going to be a thumbsucker, but you really more want to stick your whole hand in your mouth and chew on them. It gets drool EVERYWHERE. Maybe you are teething, but you don’t seem too upset. We will see!

Rosemary 3 Months-7

The Evening

Once you wake up, we typically play a little more and dad gives you some cuddles when he gets home. You typically take another “nap” around 8 and we feed you one more time around 11PM before putting you to bed in your bassinet. You’ve been sleeping all night, which is AWESOME. Getting an uninterrupted 8 hours of sleep is completely different than 4 two-hour sleeps.

Other Points of Interest

  • Your hair is getting really long! Look, your first ponytail!

Rosemary 3 Months-13

  • We’ve been going to dad’s cousin, Rachel’s, house every week so you can see some cousins and your grandma. I like the chance to get out and dress you up!
  • You’ve become a bit of a mommy’s girl. You still let daddy hold you, but will sometimes burst into tears when others take you away from mommy (and sometimes even when daddy takes you!).
  • You smile all the time now, but we are anxiously awaiting your first giggle.
  • We love you more and more every day! Even the hardest days are still great!

Rosemary 3 Months-15Rosemary 3 Months-17Rosemary 3 Months-18Rosemary 3 Months-20

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