Rosemary’s Closet – Heart Dress

Heart Outfit-1

First of all, let me just say that I really struggled to get a good photo of this outfit. I’ve slowly realized that, as much as I love this blanket, it doesn’t really photograph that well. It starts to look really yellow-y and reflects oddly on her skin. I’ve tried my best to make it look okay, but don’t judge. A baby can only take so much when it comes to photographs, so I wasn’t really going to make her ensure a new setup. It is what it is.

How cute is this outfit, though? I actually made it before the last outfit I posted, but hadn’t gotten a good photo of it. It’s a romper with a built in skirt. She loves that it’s like a little blanket she can chew on, ha! I love the coordinating heart lace that I found to match the fabric. It’s still a little big on her (pattern sizes are weird and confusing), but she has room to grow!

Heart Outfit-2Heart Outfit-3

My shirt today coordinated, so I decided to hop in a few photos with her. Can you tell she is getting sleepy?

Heart Outfit-4Heart Outfit-5

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