Rosemary Meets Cora

RG meets Cora-40

Today, we had the exciting treat of meeting a new friend, Cora! When I found out that my BFF, Melissa, was having a baby just 3 months after me, I was so excited that we were going to raise our kids together! And both girls!

The visit made me realize just how much Rosemary had grown! She looked huge in comparison! Cora was such a doll, and Rosemary and I both had fun visiting!

RG meets Cora-4RG meets Cora-7RG meets Cora-10RG meets Cora-11RG meets Cora-13RG meets Cora-15RG meets Cora-16RG meets Cora-18RG meets Cora-21RG meets Cora-23RG meets Cora-26RG meets Cora-31RG meets Cora-32RG meets Cora-41RG meets Cora-44RG meets Cora-47RG meets Cora-48RG meets Cora-49

Rosemary turned over on her own! It was so cute.

RG meets Cora-52

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