Rosemary is Five Months Old

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This happy baby is five months old today! I can’t get over how big she is getting. She is just about 17lbs now, which is double her birth weight. I still marvel that I made her and grew her. The human body is amazing.

And it’s not just her weight that is growing. This sweet child is advancing leaps and bounds. I’m always torn between feeling so proud of her and wanting her to stay my little baby. This month, she has been doing so much (other than making all these adorably goofy faces you’ll see here). First and foremost is her precious little giggle. I had been waiting and waiting to hear it, and it was so worth it! Baby giggles are the sweetest sound in the whole world. A comedian we like said that baby smiles [and giggles] should be marketed as a serious anti-depressant, and I could not agree more.

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Rosemary has really begun exploring her world. She loves to play with toys – I don’t think I’ve found a single one that she hasn’t enjoyed. I tried to get photos of some of her favorites (her stuffed bunnies, her rattle bracelets, her green ball, and lots of books). Her grip is getting really strong and she’s able to reach out a grab things a lot better. This child loves to put everything in her mouth. They say that babies learn by putting things in their mouth…and if that’s true, Rosemary’s going to be a genius.
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For the prior two months, Rosemary had been unwilling to let anyone other than me or Chris hold her, but that seems to be ending. Thankfully, mom and dad are still the clear favorites, but she no longer screams as someone else takes her. I chalk a lot of that up to the fact that I’ve been taking her to Gymboree twice a week. She’s been able to socialize with a lot of babies and other moms (and sometimes dads), and I think that’s helping her learn that I’m not going to abandon her. I’ve been really enjoying going because it’s helping me learn how to play with her. I’ve also loved getting to meet some other new moms in my area (and getting to hang out with a good friend of mine from elementary school who goes with me!). I think this is just the start of all the fun activities we’ll be able to do together soon.

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Earlier this month, I started working with Rosemary on sitting. I propped her up in the boppy, had her sit in her little froggy chair, sat her in the bumbo, walked her around while she sat up in her stroller….anything I could think of to help her learn to sit. Then, one day, when Grandma and Grandpa Roeder were visiting, I sat Rosemary up and she supported herself. And just like that, she was sitting. She still needs to use her hands, but she can sit for a few minutes on her own. It’s so exciting to watch her face as she does something new. She seems so proud of herself. It warms my little heart.

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I wrote about it already, but Rosemary started eating solids this month at the recommendation of her doctor. We are going a little slow because she makes such a mess and a bath is always required, but we finally found something she likes. Carrots! It’s no milk, but it’s a start! Honestly, I’m a little sad to start feeding her solid foods because I love how much she loves and needs me. But I know she’ll still love me more than carrots, so I will continue to try to do my absolute best to do what is best for her.

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Rosemary spent this past month sleeping in our room still. I’ve said it a million times, but I’ll say it again: I don’t want her to leave. I love waking up and hearing her chatting in the morning or seeing her little smile. She tends to wake up about 20 minutes before I can make myself get out of bed (I’m not a morning person), but she is content to just lie there and chat with herself. And she is getting loud! We are planning to start sleep training her this upcoming weekend since Chris has a long Labor Day weekend. I predict tears from this mom. I try to psych myself up by telling myself that her smiles when I greet her in the morning will be even bigger. Or that’s what I hope anyways.

Speaking of sleep, Rosemary has started rebelling against naps. She used to go down pretty easily in her swing, but now she starts crying pretty quickly, and if ignored, resorts to screaming. The only place I seem to be able to get her to nap is the car, which isn’t super restful for me. She is pretty good at sleeping through the night, though (from about 9-5 and then 5:30-8), so I’ll take the trade off.

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I’ve also had fun this past month taking Rosemary’s first film photos. I used an old Mamiya 500 camera that I bought for $25 from a Goodwill on Ebay. It is fun to use but not super reliable. It’s a manual focus, which is tough with squirmy babies, but I got a few shots of her that I just love (all the ones below are film). I love that they showcase her baby blues. Grandma Luders is convinced you have gray eyes, but they just look like a steel-y blue to me. They’ve been pretty much the same shade since birth, so maybe that means it is officially your eye color? Everyone says Rosemary looks just like Chris, so I am holding out that she’ll get this trait from me. Even if she ends up looking nothing like me, though, I’ll love her more than I could ever convey. She is the sweetest baby even when she is grumpy. Her smile lights up my world and holding her is my favorite place to be. My only wish for her is to stay healthy and to continue loving her mommy and daddy.

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