Rosemary is Six Months Old


Well, we blinked and you are six months old. Half a year. It feels like we were just leaving the hospital, worried that you weren’t going to survive your first night alone with us. But you did, and now you’re this awesome little baby who is starting to develop her own personality. It’s amazing to watch you grow.

We went to the doctor today for your 6 month checkup (the first time it’s actually corresponded with your birthday!) and learned that you weigh 18lbs 3oz (85%), are 26.25″ tall (66%), and have a head circumference of 17.5″ (96%). Such a big girl! Apart from a few nibbles of solid food, it still amazes me that I grew you from a few cells to an 18lb baby. No wonder they call it the miracle of life!

After five months, we finally did it – we moved Rosemary up to her own room. It was hard. I cried the first night, knowing it was the start of a new chapter. I told myself that as she got older, she’d wake up and come cuddle us in our bed, which made the blow a little softer. Unfortunately, her room is on a different floor than ours, so we decided to sleep in the guest bedroom while we all adjusted. By the time we moved back downstairs, though, Rosemary got a cold and couldn’t sleep lying flat. So, back to the rock n’ play she went (in our room). But, as of two days ago, she is back in her crib.

Waking her up in the morning (or, rather, her talking over the video monitor until I roll my sleepy self out of bed) is one of my favorite parts of the day. She smiles and smiles when I come to get her. She is such a happy little baby! And trust me when I say that we know how blessed we are to have a happy and healthy baby.


I wrote last month about how she started to sit, and she has only gotten better at it. She isn’t terribly interested in sitting – I have to fight her to fold in half because she LOVES to stand. Loves it! On my lap, on the ground, on the chair. She wants to stand all the time. But she is sitting too and is starting to master sitting without using her hands to prop her up. In fact, I was able to leave her sitting in this soft, mossy grass for about 5 minutes unassisted while I took these photos. I’m so proud of her!

Because she likes standing so much, we got her a walker this week. She’s currently standing in it as I write this right now! She hasn’t had much success moving around in it yet, but it has helped me get tasks done a little better since it’s so mobile.


She’s continued to try more foods, but hasn’t quite developed an appetite for them yet. Some of them she seems to like but still can’t quite figure out how to swallow. No allergies yet, and we are so thankful!

Rosemary is talking and drooling up a storm. People keep asking if she is teething, but she seems to just be drool-y! She’s been that way for about 4 months, and no teeth have started to show. Fortunately, we’ve found some good bibs that help keep her dry because, guess what? You have dry, eczema-prone skin just like both your mommy and daddy. The doctor gave us some lotion suggestions today, so hopefully we will get it under control before the cold, dry winter!

Rosemary adores books. We’ve been trying to include bedtime book in her nightly routine, but she gets so excited that it wakes her up more! She lunges toward the bright colors, trying to put the books in her mouth, as we try to cling onto her so she doesn’t fall.


These sad photos are for documentation purposes. I normally just like to post your happy little face, but your sad face is also cute and is worthy of remembering.


All in all, this past month, and these past 6 months in general, have been the best of our lives. Before you arrived, I couldn’t understand how amazing this journey would be, but I wouldn’t change a single moment. I dread you getting bigger and needing me less, but every age has been fun in its own way, so I know it will be wonderful.


P.S. Here’s a behind the scenes video of you eating a leaf while I was taking photos of you (it’s a little blurry because I had to manually focus and my eyes aren’t that good)


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