Rosemary’s Sweater + Trip to the Pumpkin Patch


After a failed first attempt, I finally completed the sweater I had envisioned for Rosemary. I knit the first one, but it was too big on her, so I decided to crochet the second attempt since I’m much more more comfortable with that. I used a pattern, more or less, but made a lot of adjustments to make it the sweater I wanted. Once I finished crocheting the sweater, I lined it with some personalized fabric that I ordered a few months ago. I think it turned out great, and it’s reversible!

We decided to take it for a test drive this afternoon when we went to a local church’s pumpkin patch. Rosemary had just woken from a car nap, so she was a little dazed during most of the trip, but we still got some cute pictures and picked out two pumpkins for a our front porch! I’ve never been one to decorate for holidays, but maybe Rosemary will inspire us to try a little harder with that. I’m excited to carve one of the pumpkins over the next few weeks!



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