Rosemary is Seven Months Old


How has another month passed? A year is going to be here before I know it…slow down, little girl!

This month has been a fun one. I’ve started to figure out tricks for getting you to nap during the day, which has helped tremendously. Basically, I just have to drive around for a few minutes and then sit in the car while you nap. It’s not ideal, but it certainly helps keep you from getting so grumpy so our playtime is more fun. Phew!

Speaking of sleep, rocking you to sleep at night has become one of my absolute favorite things to do. For a while, we tried to wait until you were drowsy and, then, put you in your crib, per the doctor’s recommendation. This was recommended to prevent you getting scared when you woke up in your crib. But… never really took to the crying it out method. You’d cry until you pooped, and then we had to get you out and start all over again after we cleaned you up. Now, I nurse you to sleep and rock you for about 30 minutes before putting you in your crib. Sometimes, if you’re extra sleepy (or not sleepy at all and I need a break), I can nurse you and then pass you off for dad to rock you to sleep. You are so angelic when you’re asleep. It’s always hard to put you down.


You’ve started grabbing at everything! I’ve even lost a few cups of coffee to your little hands. Your favorite things to grab, though, are my hair (ouch!) and my cell phone. I don’t let you play on my phone, but I guess you think it’s something important since I always keep it with me. You still love all your toys, but your favorites this month are your letter abacus and your wooden blocks. The blocks are actually a toy that we can play together because I can build a tower and you knock it down. Teamwork!


You’re learning to do different things with your face. You’ve always had an expressive face, but your smile has become extra silly! It looks like you’re angry, but it actually means that you’re really happy! Your nose has the cutest little crinkle that melts our hearts. You still love to laugh at daddy, but the easiest way to get you to smile is to chomp our teeth!


One of your biggest milestones this month has been your more frequent ability to get your paci in your mouth! I’ve watched you drop it in your carseat, find it, and put it back in all by yourself. It’s definitely been helpful for keeping you happy!


After three months of giving you solid food, you’re finally receptive to it! You’re eating just about everything I give you now….you even liked lemons! I’ve been mixing your purees with oatmeal to make them thicker, so everything is significantly less messy now. You crack me up when I feed you because you’re laughing the whole time and after you swallow, you open your mouth like a baby bird to get more!


Your hair is getting LONG! Well, at least on the top. Your little bald spot is filling in, though, now that you sleep primarily on your stomach. It’s so beautiful – I can’t wait until I can braid it!


I don’t know why, but you’re always looking underneath your toys. I wonder if you’re looking for the speaker, or if you’re trying to see if it’s the same on both sides. Either way, I love how curious you are about things! Your little eyebrows furrow making you look extra concentrated.


I’ve still been crafting for you, though it’s mostly shifted to crafts I can do in the car. These flower headbands are a new favorite 🙂


You went to your first Georgia Tech Homecoming with us this month. We didn’t go to the game, but we went to the ‘Reck Parade and met some of our friends at the Delta Chi house. Unfortunately, I left my camera’s battery at the house, so I had to take these photos at home to commemorate your matching outfits! I sewed and smocked your romper and bonnet just for your first trip to Georgia Tech!


Even though it’s been unseasonably warm (it’s October 30th and the high today was 85!), I just had to get some photos of you wearing the sweater set that your Great-Great Grandmother made. Her name was Zita McKee, and she was my mother’s mother’s mother. I’m seriously obsessed with you wearing bonnets.

7-months-wp-217-months-wp-22Over the past few months, you’ve been resisting cuddles. You’re always working so hard to get down when I have you in my arms. I don’t know if that’s because I smell like milk so you’d rather be eating or if you’re so desperate to be mobile, but I’m holding out hope that it’s just a phase. I think you may be starting to come around because, when you’re tired, you have started leaning into me. Also, when we are out and about, if you get nervous around someone, you’ll cling on tight to my arm. I love love love it. For now, I’ll just cherish every cuddle I get and pray that you always remember how much we love you. Even the hard days with you are better than the best days without you. Happy seven months!7-months-wp-1-4

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