Rosemary’s First Thanksgiving


Rosemary’s first Thanksgiving was surprisingly similar to my own. We took her down to Florida to meet my granddad and even ate at the very same club we went to every Thanksgiving growing up. One difference, though, is that I finally convinced my dad to pull over and let us see the cotton fields up close!

You never know how a baby will travel,┬ábut Rosemary did great! She slept much better than on the Hilton Head trip (thanks to letting her fall asleep watching Sesame Street…) and was super smiley the whole time. At my granddad’s club, all the ladies were ooh-ing and aah-ing over her during the whole Thanksgiving dinner. And Rosemary was eating it up – smiling with her little squinchy nose and giggling!

My favorite part of the trip was getting a picture of all four generations together! Rosemary was a little sleepy, so she burst into tears in the middle of the shoot, but it was so cute!


Here’s an outtake for the four generations photo. For maximum enjoyment, zoom in on Rosemary’s face:


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