Rosemary’s First Christmas

If there is one time to overload on photos, it’s baby’s first Christmas. Christmas is such a magical time – the smells, the colors, the people – and it’s even better to see it with new eyes. We went all out on the Christmas decor for the first time in years and worked to make sure Rosemary had a fun first Christmas (for the amount that she was able to absorb).

We decided to set a limit of 3 presents for Rosemary to tie a biblical reference to the gift giving. Instead of gold, frankincense, and myrrh, Rosemary got a cabbage patch doll, a personalized chair, and a play kitchen. I think she is too young for almost all of them, but hopefully she will grow into them this year.

We went to see Santa with Rosemary’s cousin, William, but I forgot to bring my camera (shocking, I know), so we went back solo a couple weeks later. She HATED Santa. Both times. The first time, she tried to play it cool, looking back and forth between me and Santa before eventually breaking out into tears. The second time, she cried as soon as I set her in Santa’s lap. But boy was it cute.

In terms of Christmas celebrations, we had three this year. We celebrated with Chris’s family on 12/22, grumpa’s 60th birthday! We celebrated with my family on Christmas eve, as is the tradition. And, for the first time, we celebrated Christmas with both sides of the family at our house on Christmas day.¬†You were a little angel the whole time until Christmas afternoon – I think you were a little worn out from all the activity, but who can blame you! Overall, we had a blast celebrating your first Christmas!


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