Rosemary is 9 Months Old

We blinked this month and you grew up. I mentioned last month that you had pulled yourself up just before your 8 month birthday, and now it’s all you want to do. I can barely leave your side without you ending up somewhere precarious. Seriously. Get away from that fireplace, sweet child.

You love to stand at the¬†activity table that your uncle Brandon gave you for Christmas. I love when you stand there, too, because it is stable and you’re less likely to fall. You also love standing at your puzzle stool (that slides), your train (that¬†topples) and your walker (that rolls). I constantly feel like superwoman, saving your little head from falls….but sometimes you do hit your head pretty hard and I feel awful. So far, you seem to have survived it, but not without tears.

You are starting to cruise around the furniture, too. It’s pretty new, though, and you’re not going far yet. You do love when we hold your hands and help you walk between mommy and daddy. It’s so cute to watch your excited face when you make it to where you want to go!

Another big accomplishment this month was your first consonant sounds! Unsurprisingly, it was “da da.” I thought I would be offended that you didn’t say “ma ma” first, but, honestly, I was just excited to hear you say anything! You’re a little bit of a late bloomer when it comes to chattiness, so I’ll take a “da da” any day. Your voice is so sweet. I’m constantly marveling at all the things we don’t know about you yet. What will your voice sound like? Will you be a good singer? Only time will tell!

You celebrated your first Christmas this month! I wrote about that already, but overall, you didn’t seem to understand what was going on. We were trying to cheer you on while opening your presents, but you couldn’t quite get what was exciting. You liked the ribbon and wrapping paper more than your presents.

You had your first cold this month, too. It got me first, then you, then dad. We were a tired family by the end of it. You had to sleep in your rock n play during your cold, but transitioned back to your crib pretty easily. You still aren’t napping well. I wonder if I’ll ever be able to write that you are a good napper. I’m trying to let your cry it out, but it really is so hard to listen to you cry. I feel like I have abandoned you!

What you lack in sleeping, you make up for in eating. You love all food these days. We give you a lot of puffs, oatmeal and purees, but we also have been giving you more table food. You want anything mom and dad are eating (especially banana pudding!).

We went to the Swan House with grandma, Aunt Linda, and your cousin Payton. Linda and Payton had given you the most adorable little swan dress….everyone there loved it!

You’ve been getting cuddlier, which makes me SO happy. When I carry you, you hold onto my arm. I especially love when you lean your head against me when you get scared or shy. You love your mom (and dad!) and are learning how to show it.

I was able to piece together a little video of you playing this month, too, which captures some of the cute faces you make. I document SO much of your life in photo and video because you are growing up so fast! I want to treasure every second of it!

I’m sorry….you’ve been doing this a lot when we put you in your pack n play, and it’s hilarious

I wanted to get a photo of you matching your cabbage patch doll, but you were not interested in that.

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