First Swim Lessons

Growing up, my favorite thing about the summer was going to the pool. So, I was excited about introducing you to the water. Holding a baby in the water is pretty daunting, though, so I signed us up for swim lessons so we could learn to be safe in the pool.

We went to our first lesson this past week, and we both loved it. The technique of teaching a baby to swim is so interesting. The main goal at this age is triggering the epiglottis to close so that water doesn’t get in your lungs. They do this by counting to 3, and then blowing in your face. Over time, we gradually submerge you a little more. The other kids were already being fully submerged after just a month! We also worked on kicking your legs, holding onto the edge of the pool, rolling over in the water, and reaching for things in the water. You were a natural, just like your mama 😉

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