Rosemary is 13 Months Old!

I wasn’t sure if we would keep up with these monthly posts past a year, but I’ve so enjoyed looking back at your first year, so I figure we will keep it up a little longer. Maybe two years? So here goes!

This past month has been a fun one. You’re becoming a little person, and it’s so fun to watch. You received a lot of fun gifts for your birthday, so we’ve been swapping out toys over time so you don’t get bored. I am so impressed by how well you play by yourself. We have a gate blocking off our den, and you can just wander around in there exploring your toys, looking out the windows, and occasionally coming over for a kiss.

Speaking of kisses, I think I mentioned before that you lean in for a kiss on your forehead all the time. You love forehead kisses in your highchair, and will lean in when we ask for a kiss about 90% of the time. This month, though, you’ve been giving kisses. We gave you a little baby doll and you’re constantly carrying it around and giving it little kisses on its face. You even check to make sure you have the side of the head with the face. Over the past few days, you’ve been able to identify eyes, nose, and mouth on your Abby Cadabby doll. We’re learning to communicate, and it’s really exciting! We even think we’ve been hearing you say “please” and “yeah”!

You are a stubborn little booger, though. Daddy and I are constantly trying to get you to walk, and you are just not interested. We’ve gotten 3-4 steps out of you a few times, but half the time you resist even standing with our assistance. You’ve also started rejecting eating food from a spoon unless we let you feed yourself, which gets so messy. It’s hard turning everything into baby finger foods! Who told you that when you turn one you turn into a toddler??

On the tooth front, you are still rocking two teeth. Some of your friends have 8+ teeth, but you’re making sure they get a little extra time to grow strong. We haven’t seen a new tooth in a few months!

We’ve been staying pretty busy this month. In addition to swim lessons, we’ve checked out Catch Air a few times this month. I like that you can roam as much as your little heart desires without causing much distraction. It also has foam floors, which is good for helping you practice walking. We also went strawberry picking one weekend, and up to Grandma and Granddad’s farm this weekend.

As you can see from all these photos, I’ve been sewing up a storm, too. I made all of these outfits except the strawberry picking outfit and the t-shirt you are wearing while playing with chalk. I’ve been trying to get you involved with the crafts by making edible play doh and offering chalk, but it’s still a little early I guess.

You’re still mommy and daddy’s little angel. You are busy busy busy, but you always make sure to stop by for a hug and a kiss. I spend a lot of my time just following behind you, coffee in hand, picking up the objects you sling behind you. The days are tiring, but I wouldn’t trade it for the whole world. Your smiles brighten my day and your hugs make me feel so loved. We love you so much!

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