Rosemary is 14 Months Old

I haven’t written since last month, but it’s not for lack of activity! It’s been a big month for you, sweet girl.

After 3 or 4 months without any activity, your third and fourth teeth are finally starting to make an appearance. I actually think I can see a few more getting close as well. I am happy to say that you’ve been handling teething like a champ. I was a little worried that you were getting a cold because you’d wake up a little congested in the morning, but you never got a fever and seemed totally fine, so it looks like it was just the effects of teething! It’s barely made you fussy at all, which we are all so thankful for.

You’ve also started to walk! You still prefer to crawl because you are a super speedy crawler at this point, but you’ll take up to about 6 steps at a time. You are getting more and more confident and are constantly pulling away from the furniture to take a few steps. You’ve also become a little more cooperative when we try to hold your hand and walk with you. I’m hoping you become a stronger walker soon so we can go to the park and splash pads this summer!

This past weekend, you went on your first plan ride to see your cousins in Indiana. I was worried that the cabin pressure would hurt your ears or maybe you’d get motion sickness, but you did great! You were quite the wiggle worm, though. It took a lot of snacks to keep you happy enough to stay in our laps.

Once we were in Indiana, you had a blast. You got to play with lots of new toys and entertain lots of new people, so you were in heaven. I don’t know where you got this social side of you, but you seem to be much more extroverted than your dad or I. You also did surprisingly well sleeping in your new surroundings. You cried during the first nap in your cousin’s crib, but after than you were a happy camper. I was so proud of how you acted around your 3 month old cousin, Trent, too. You loved to watch him, and you’d pat his foot and lean in for kisses when he was in his car seat. I’m not sure how we got lucky enough to have such a sweet, content baby, but I am so so grateful.

Your vocabulary is slowly expanding. You call food “na na”, which is really helpful for letting us know what you want. You also say “mama”, “baby”, “yeah”, and “please.”

Other than that, we’ve continued life as usual. You are still in swim lessons every week, but other than that, we mostly just spend time at home or running errands. If you can believe it, I’m still nursing you, but only twice a day now. I was worried that you would really fight me when I cut your nap time feedings, but dad rocked you to sleep for all naps one weekend, and you pretty much got the point right away. We still rock you before all naps and bed, but you don’t always fall asleep. I will rock you to sleep for as long as you let me – it’s still one of my favorite parts of the day. You are such an angel when you’re sleeping.

Some of your favorite things these days are: the dogs (you love leaning in to give them kisses), food, sticking things in your toy mailbox, your family (you get so excited to see the grandparents), your pink bunny, and pacis. You really dislike: when you have a plan and we stop you (like when you want to get to the dog food), dirty diaper changes, and sitting still (I’m constantly trying to get you to sit in my lap and you always squirm away).

Every month with you is great, and we get to know each other better all the time. I am so proud of how kind you are to everyone around you. I want nothing more than for you to continue to grow into the confident, kind, and smart young girl that you are.

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