Rosemary is 15 Months Old!

You are 15 months old today, Rosemary, and you are such a happy little baby! Although you are often exhausting, I always marvel at how easy-going and happy you are. You entertain yourself with your toys for hours and love to laugh. If dad and I start laughing, you always join in – like you want to seem like you get the joke. It cracks us up.

I wish I could engrave all your cute mannerisms into my memory. I find myself photographing and video-ing everything in hopes that I’ll remember it all, but here are some of my favorite things:

  • The way you flap your arms when you get excited
  • How you fiddle with your bunny’s ears when you are trying to lull yourself to sleep
  • When you roll on your back and play with your toys overhead
  • When you hold your little arms out to help yourself balance when you walk
  • How you lean in for kisses so frequently throughout the day, especially when you’re eating in your high chair
  • How soft your hair and cheeks feel against my face when we cuddle while I rock you to sleep

There are so many more adorable and sweet things you do every day!

I mentioned it in passing, above, but you’ve finally started walking about a week or two ago! You were pretty tentative for so long and would only walk to and from places that you could hold on to, but you’ve started wandering around more freely. You still get pretty distracted, so it’s hard to let you walk around outside the house. If you see something you want, you will do anything to get to it, even if I’m holding your hand as tight as I can! You are so strong!

You have a few words that you say pretty frequently. You love to say “mama,” especially when we ask you to say “baby” or “dada.” We are pretty sure that you mean “dada” when you say “yaya.” You still say “please” and refer to food as “nana.” We have to be careful not to say the word “nana” unless we have food ready or else you get pretty demanding and start shouting “nana” until we give you food. Your favorite thing, though, are the doggies. We’ve been trying to get you to say “ruff ruff,” but you just end up squinching your nose up and breathing out or grunting twice. You think it’s hilarious.

We went to the doctor today, and if there is one thing we know for sure, it’s that you have a big noggin. They measured you 3 or 4 times because you were off the charts (>99%) in head size. We are convinced that you’re just growing a big brain so you can be extra smart. You weighed 24.5 lbs (88%) and were 30.5″ tall (50%). You’re a bit of a late walker, so we have been lucky to keep those chunky little thighs a little bit longer than some babies.

Those two teeth that we saw coming in last month have made quite the adorable appearance this month. They are still only about halfway in, but I love seeing them when you smile or make a silly face. No new teeth though! Even though you’ve never really been a biter, I’m now only nursing you once a day. Even then, you’re starting to lose interest, so I’m not sure how much longer it’ll last. Either way, I still rock you before naps (you are still taking two a day!!) and bedtime.

I can’t wait to see you continue to learn to walk and talk. You are becoming your own little person with opinions and a personality, and we are happy to sit back and watch. You are such a joy in our lives and we love you!

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