We Visit a Sunflower Farm

It’s been a while since I’ve written a non-monthly post because, well, pregnancy has basically kicked my butt. While Rosemary naps, I never want to get my computer out and write or edit photos. But, today we visited a sunflower farm, and the resulting photos are too cute not to share on their own!

I’d gone to Anderson’s Sunflower farm a few years ago to take photos of Chris’s cousin’s new baby and loved it. July in Atlanta is pretty darn hot, though, so I had never gone back. However, I had read that the farm is for sale this year and may be the last opportunity to visit, so Rosemary and I swung by for a little visit today.

This was Rosemary’s first little photo shoot since she’s been walking on her own! She loved being able to walk up to the flowers and play with the giant leaves. In all honesty, I’m not really even sure she could see the flowers from her height until I handed her one that someone seemed to have pulled out of the ground. She seems to be fascinated by the vivid colors of flowers and I hope she loves them as much as I always did as a kid. 

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