Rosemary is 17 Months Old!

OK, this month I am a day late again, but not because I forgot your birthdate. I just simply forgot to write this post because I’ve been SO busy making your beautiful quilt! I am so so so excited to give it to you and for you to be old enough to truly appreciate all the work that went into it. I am almost done, but I’ve probably put 400 hours into it, so it’s been quite the undertaking!

As per usual, you’ve been such a joy this month. I sometimes wonder if you’re my “trick” baby. The one that makes me think I can do this because you’re so happy and so good. I still stand by my statement that there is no such thing as an easy baby. Even the happiest baby is a LOT of work, but I have to say that you make it fun most of the time.

You’re constantly making us laugh. We joke that you know all words now because we ask you things like “Can you say ‘puppy’?” and you say “Yeah!”. You say “yeah” to anything that sounds like a question. You don’t actually say the word we ask you to say, but we like to pretend that you say yeah because you know how but don’t want to prove it. I also think that your affinity for saying “yeah” makes you such an optimist. Most toddlers say “no!” all the time, but you’re pretty stuck on yes. It makes for fun times. We’ll hear you fall down behind the couch and we’ll say “are you okay?” and you’ll let out an excited “Yeah!”. In addition to “yeah”, you also say: mama, dada, baby, nana (food), no, please, hots, and beans (but only sometimes). You also say “yaya” a lot when you get excited, pretend to ruff like a dog, and make a little “ahh” sound when you’re thirsty. It’s been really fun to watch you learn to communicate and hear your little voice.

You’ve become so active lately. Your walking has turned into running and climbing. You love to climb on the backs of couches and onto the fireplace. You’ve learned to play hide and seek and think it’s hilarious. You love finding mommy and daddy and running back into your bathroom to let us hide again.

You also have developed a love for bracelets. Some are actual bracelets, but you mostly like to put your stacking rings on your arms. They look like little floaties. You must have them on 25% of the day. You also love crayons lately. You’ve been coloring some, but you also love just looking at all the colors and lining them up on the window sill (which you also like to do with all the rest of your toys).

One of my favorite parts of this past month has been the solar eclipse! It was the first solar eclipse that you, me, or daddy have ever seen! We drove up to grandma and granddad’s Blairsville farm to watch it in totality with them and Aunt Linda, Payton, and William. I’m so glad we did because the difference between 99% and 100% obstruction made such a difference! It got totally dark! You didn’t really notice it, but you had fun playing with your cousins!

Another milestone this month was your Mother’s Morning Out classroom visit. Class doesn’t start until September 11, but we got to meet some of your classmates and teachers. You cried for a couple seconds when you thought we were leaving you there, but you quickly warmed up to the class and loved to play! I am excited for you to meet some new friends!

You’ve also developed a little separation anxiety when we put you in your crib lately. Normally, when you fall asleep on our laps, we are able to transfer you to the crib without you noticing. Recently, though, no matter how long or short we let you sleep on us, you cry hysterically! It breaks our hearts. In some ways, it’s sweet because it makes us feel loved, but it certainly makes us so sad to lay you down. Fortunately, it only lasts about 30 seconds before you fall back asleep.

You are such a kind and beautiful little girl. The other day, an older kid pushed you down at story time and you weren’t even phased by it. I am so proud of you for being so confident and never rough with other kids. My hope is that you remain confident in yourself and in us so that you know just how much you are loved even when your life is shaken up a bit with your baby brother. There is nothing in the whole world that could rattle our love for you!

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