Chattanooga Vacation

It’s been almost a year since our last family vacation, and it was so fun experiencing a new city with a toddler! Last year, during our trip to Hilton Head, it felt a little more like a trip for Chris and I, where we toted a baby along. This year, Rosemary was so engaged with all the activities!

Since last year, we stayed in a hotel once, and learned that sharing a single room with a toddler is not ideal. You woke up multiple times during the night and cried until we got you. Then, you refused to fall back asleep. Plus, once we put you down, we had to just sit there in the dark until we were tired. For our trip to Chattanooga, we decided to stay at this adorable little bungalow on AirBnB. We had two bedrooms, two baths, a kitchen, a dining room, and a den! We felt so much more relaxed because we could put you to bed and still talk and move around. You seemed to like the house because it had a front porch where you could watch for dogs!

We did most of the touristy Chattanooga things – Rock City, Lookout Mountain’s Incline Railway, Ruby Falls, the Aquarium, and the Children’s Museum. You loved all the outdoor activities – you wanted to walk all of Rock City on your own! You also wanted to kiss all the pumpkins you saw along the way. Your favorite part of the aquarium was the two touch pools. One had sting rays and the other had sturgeon….but you mostly just liked splashing in the water! When the animals actually appeared, you were pretty scared and tried to tell them no by shaking your head and waving your hand out (like you always do when you don’t like something).

I made all your clothes for the trip, in addition to my matching dress. As usual, I made us stop for a bunch of photos, but my favorite is our family photo on the Walnut Street Bridge. It’s crazy how close we are to being a family of four – it makes me so happy that we were able to have one more trip with just you before your life is shaken up. Although we exhausted you most days, I could tell you had a lot of fun, and really enjoyed the extra time with dad around! I did too! As usual, I loved watching you experience new things for the first time – your¬†sweet smile and sense of wonder always make me so happy!

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