Rosemary is 19 Months Old!

Happy 19 months, Rosemary! I can’t handle that you are officially closer to two than you are to one. How has time rushed by so fast? And, while it’s been an exhausting month medically, this past month has been so fun!

I can’t believe how much you understand these days. We all have so much fun asking you questions and hearing you say “Yeah!” or shaking your head and going “uhnn.” Surprisingly, for the most part, your responses are accurate (even if it’s just questions about what you want to eat). While you definitely are communicating, we are looking forward to you being able to use more words to talk to us. That way, we won’t just have to ask yes/no questions to figure out what you want! Some of your new words are “baa”, “bye”, “mommy” for when you want something (vs. mama when you address me), “appy” for apple and Abby Cadabby, and “buzz.”

Speaking of Buzz, we went to the GT Homecoming tailgate again this year. You sure HATED meeting Buzz. We had you on your leash and when we set you down near him, you burst into tears and ran as fast as you could away from him! You seemed to like walking around campus, though, so maybe there is still hope you’ll be a Yellow Jacket one day.

We went apple picking with the Lawders, and we discovered how much you loved eating apples like a big girl. You never liked them when we cut them up for you because the skin was too hard for you to chew with your lack of teeth (you still only have 6!), but you loved feeling like a big kid taking bites out of a whole apple. You don’t make much progress but you have fun.

You and I spent a lot of this month fighting an epic cold. I had it for two weeks before I got on antibiotics. Once I started feeling better, you had caught it. After a few days, you got a high fever, and it turns out it had turned into your first ear infection. Once you got on medicine, you’ve been recovering great. I’m always so amazed by how quickly you recover from ailments and how happy you are when you’re sick. Sometimes I wish you’d want a few more cuddles while you’re sick, but I’m happy you aren’t miserable.

You’ve been going to preschool once a week and loving it. They say you love to dance and are very agreeable. I heard a quote once that said “It’s more important to be kind than clever or good looking,” and I try to remember that in all my parenting decisions. I, of course, think you are so so smart and the cutest baby in the whole world, but I try to teach you to be kind to all your little classmates. I try to sneak a few peaks through the window before I pick you up, and you always seem to be so sweet to everyone. I couldn’t be prouder of you!

I’ve been trying to get you used to the idea that you’ll have a little brother soon, but you don’t seem to understand still. We pray that you’ll handle it well and always know how loved you are! I wish I could keep you this sweet little age forever, but can’t wait to see you learn, and love, and grow.

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