Rosemary is 20 Months!

Depending on whether we make it to our c-section date of 1/3/18, this might be my last birthday month post where you don’t have a little brother, Rosemary. This makes me both happy and very very sad. I’m excited to meet the newest member of our family, but so sad to say goodbye to our time together alone. We’ve been quite the pair over the past 20 months. I’ve spent nearly every minute with you, holding you when you want to be held, feeding you, talking to you, playing with you. When you’re not around, I’m usually thinking about you – what you’re doing and how I can be a better mom. My time may be split soon, but I will never ever love you any less. Know that if I can’t hold you or play with you at the moment, it makes me sad too. You are my first baby, and my biggest love (even if biggest will have to be a tie).

I’ve been trying to make the most of our last little bit alone…or at least as much as my very pregnant body will allow. Since last month, we celebrated Halloween and Thanksgiving! Unfortunately, on Halloween, you were pretty sick. You had your first ear infection and it lasted over 5 weeks! We had to go through 3 rounds of antibiotics before you were finally free of it. I didn’t want you to miss out on the Halloween fun, though, so we dressed you up in your Elmo costume and visited a few houses, including Grandma and Granddad Roeder’s. You probably only got about 6 pieces of candy, and Chris and I ate all of it. Parents of the year, stealing candy from a baby.

For Thanksgiving, we went to Grandma and Grumpa Luders’s house. Uncle Brandon was there too! I think you were too distracted to eat much of the meal, but you made sure to focus on dessert! Afterwards, we went up to the golf course and you had a blast throwing golf balls to us and into the hole. As always, I was so proud of how well behaved you were throughout the visit. Like all toddlers, you have your meltdowns, but you are generally such a happy baby! We kept you out pretty late and you just smiled and played the whole time. I get comments all the time on how happy you are. I know it’s your personality, but I like to tell myself that we’ve made a happy little life for you.

There have been some good and bad new developments this month. One of the saddest is that you almost always cry when we lay you down in your crib now. It’s usually only for a minute or so, but it breaks our hearts. You hold out your arms for us to pick you back up, and I always want to, but know how much you need your sleep! On the flip side, you have started to LOVE books. We used to try to read you books as you cried to shut them on our hands. Now, you carry them all around the house and ask to be read as soon as you are taken out of your crib. We usually read you two or three before bedtime. You also love love love to brush your teeth. As soon as we mention it, you run towards your room saying “ahh ahh”, like people do when they are asked to hold their tongue out at the doctor. Ha!

You have continued to develop communication skills, too. I am constantly impressed by all the words you know. I’ll ask you to go get something, and you know exactly what I mean. If I ask you questions, you typically have an accurate answer (so long as it’s phrased as a yes/no question). Yes is usually “yeah” and no is always a grunt and head shake. It’s actually a pretty funny response! You don’t speak nearly as many words as you know. I don’t know if I perpetuate your lack of words by generally knowing what you mean, but you are slowly growing your vocabulary so I’m not too worried. This month you’ve added “moo,” “meow,” “hi,” “me,” “Paypee” (for Payton), and “shh” (towards the dogs when they are barking).

We are really looking forward to spending the Christmas season with you this year! Last year was fun, but you didn’t really react to the lights and presents, etc. This year, you are a little more fascinated by all the decor and excitement. We’re also planning to use the next month to get you as prepared for your new brother as possible. You really don’t have any idea about what a brother is or what is about to happen, but I just want you to feel as secure as possible. One way I wanted to help you feel included was to have you paint a painting for your new brother’s nursery. It actually turned out really beautiful!

We love you so much, Rosemary!

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