Rosemary is 21 Months Old!

This has been a big month for you, Rosemary. Really high highs and some pretty low lows. One thing has been consistent through the whole month, though – how much you are loved. I don’t know if a girl has ever been loved as much as you! Here are some of the exciting things going on:

You’re a Big Sister!

Even though this was one of the last things to happen this month, it’s worth mentioning first. Reid was born on Christmas day, so we actually didn’t get to see you awake at all that day. Before we left for the hospital, though, we came in to say goodbye and to pray for you. I think leaving that day was harder on me than it was for you – I had been dreading the day that we had to say goodbye to your tenure as only child. I knew that my love for you wouldn’t be halved, but knew my time would be impacted. We left you with a combination of my parents and Chris’s mom and brother, and from what we hear, you had the time of your life.

You came to the hospital to meet Reid, but you were distracted by the strange setting and missing mom and dad. I was a little nervous about your reaction, but knew it was likely situational. We got home late at night two days after leaving, so you didn’t see Reid again until the morning after we returned. We had “Reid” give you a present (a doll set) to make you excited for his arrival. But, in reality, you didn’t need it because you were OVER THE MOON excited to see your new baby brother. You practically climbed into the rock n play to give him a hug and kiss. Since we brought him home, you always want us to let you hold him and are constantly trying to give him presents. Your heart is so sweet and you haven’t shown any signs of jealousy yet. I don’t think I’ve ever been so proud of you. Or of anything, really. Watching you share and love on your brother is one of the purest, most beautiful things I’ve been blessed to witness. You’ve Had a Few Medical Issues

Honestly, after your never-ending ear infection, I was hoping we were in the clear for a while. But unfortunately, that wasn’t the case.

We’ll start with the less jarring of the two incidents: nursemaid’s elbow. We went to a fancy Christmas brunch with grandma and granddad down at the Georgian Terrace. We pushed you a little past your nap time, though, and you started to have a few tantrums. During one of those tantrums, you completely deadweighted while daddy was holding your hand, and you dislocated your elbow. We are told that this is a super common injury for kids your age, but it was very sad to watch. You sobbed the whole way home, where we realized you were actually unable to move your arm, confirming that the faint pop Chris felt was actually something that needed to be fixed. We went straight away to CHOA urgent care, where they reset your elbow and you cheered up within minutes. You were even able to play in the snow later that day!

The major incident this month, though, was your febrile seizure. I’m going to write as little about this as possible because it was easily the scariest day of my life so far. On 12/22, you were acting very lethargic and had a mild fever, so we took you to the doctor, where they couldn’t find anything wrong and we left assuming it was a cold. We decided to still go to Grandma and Grumpa Luders’ for the family Christmas dinner since I could go into labor anytime, but 20 minutes after we got there, you began convulsing in my arms. The details aren’t something I want to remember (though I likely won’t ever forget), so all I will say is that we rode in an ambulance to the hospital, where you were admitted for 24 hours. Your fever had spiked to 103.7, causing the seizure. We are told that febrile seizures are common for kids and don’t cause any damage, but watching you in such distress without being able to help was the worst feeling in the world. I would have traded spots with you in a heartbeat! Daddy and I (and all the people who love you so much) said so many prayers for you. We were mid-prayer over you when you stopped convulsing. I felt like I witnessed a miracle. You seem so fragile to me now, and I watch you like a hawk 24/7. I live in fear that you’ll have another seizure, or worse, that there is something more serious wrong. We are taking you to a neurologist next week to get an EEG, and hope that everything appears normal. As Forrest Gump would say, that’s all I have to say about that.

Other Highlights

  • We celebrated your second Christmas (a few days late, once we returned from the hospital). We tend to keep Christmases pretty low key, but we started the morning with cinnamon rolls and meeting your baby brother, and then moved on to presents. I finally gave you your big sister quilt, though you were a little too distracted by Reid to look at it much. We also got you an activity table (though, admittedly it only arrived yesterday and you haven’t seen it yet), a few purses to carry around, a puppy blanket, a Mickey and Minnie stuffed animal, and a board book with the faces of all our friends and family in it. But, of course, your favorite present was Reid.
  • It snowed in Atlanta and you loved playing in it! We actually had a few inches stick to the ground, which you’ll realize one day was a pretty rare occasion.
  • You love when we sing to you, and you even dance along to a lot of songs! One day, I started singing “Happy and You Know It” and you knew when to clap and stomp your feet. I asked your preschool teachers about it and they said that they sing it at school! My favorite part is when you put your fingers in your dimples when the song says “then your face will surely show it.” You also know moves for “Jesus Loves Me.”
  • We constantly find you talking on the “phone.” Sometimes it’s a toy phone. Sometimes it’s your shoe. It could be anything really. You are so serious about it though. You say “hi”, then lots of “yep”s, and then “bye.” It cracks me up!
  • You finally got a seventh tooth! We are guessing you’ll get your two year old molars by the time you are 10.
  • You are starting to mimic a lot more words. We can get you to attempt about 75% of the words we ask you. Some of the new words you’ve been saying pretty frequently are June, Scoot, shoe, more, all (for all done), moo, lalala, this, buzz, eye, wawa (water), ball, and apple.

This was a big month for all of us, and you handled it all like a champ. We couldn’t be more proud of you! You are so kind, gentle, and patient with everyone. You are already a wonderful big sister, and I can’t wait to watch your relationship with Reid grow. You are such a blessing in our lives and we pray that you stay happy and healthy!

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