Rosemary is 22 Months Old!

Rosemary, you are 22 months old today, and I continue to be so impressed with you. We’ve thrown a lot at you over the past month, and you’ve handled it all with a maturity far past your age. You’ve had a couple moments when I worried you were jealous of the new baby, but you’ve been nothing but kind to him and shockingly patient with us. Last night as he screamed for 5-10 minutes in the car because he was hungry, you played contentedly in your car seat. I was so thankful that he didn’t upset you too. When he cries within your reach, you try to console him with a paci. You’re such a sweet big sister!

One side effect of having a new baby brother is that you’ve decided that you like cuddles with mom and dad during the day. You frequently come sit next to me while I feed Reid or when you watch Sesame Street. I love it! On the flip side, you’ve become really restless at bedtime. You almost never fall asleep on me, which I attribute to trying to get more mom time. I hate that I can’t give you every second of the attention that you want. There are times when I’m feeding Reid, and you want to sit on my lap too, and there is either not enough space or I can’t reach you to pull you up. I see the disappointment on your face, and it kills me. I try to make it up to you with playtime or mommy daughter outings, but I know it’s not the same as it was. You are such a strong girl and I’m so proud of how patient and forgiving you have been with us.

This month you have found your words. You have been talking a lot more and learn new words every day. Your first sentence was “Hi, baby!”, which melted my mama heart. You love saying hi and bye to mama, dada, and baby. You also love talking about Abby (from Sesame Street) and Poppy (from Trolls). You’ve mastered the sounds of about a half dozen animals. Your favorite lately seems to be “meow.”

You spent the first half of the month fighting sicknesses. Dad and I both got the flu and we were so scared you were going to get it too, Fortunately, you didn’t, but you did get an ear infection. It came with a pretty high fever (~104), and we were so scared you were going to have another seizure. Fortunately you didn’t! But, you have had a few visits to the doctor trying to get an antibiotic that will kill off the infection. You seem much better lately, so we are praying that you will be well for a while. I haven’t taken you to school since before the holidays to limit your germ exposure. I’m hoping to take you back in March.

Because your seizure was considered prolonged, the pediatrician ordered an EEG for you. You were clearly scared getting all the monitors glued to your head, but you were so brave. We are so thankful to say that the results came back normal, so the doctors feel like your seizure was just a febrile seizure and not something more serious. I hope we never have to experience another one!

I can’t believe how big you are getting! You understand so much and have been so much fun lately. We love to take you to the park and let you play on the playground. You get so tickled with yourself when you play, which cracks us up. You love to dress yourself up with bracelets, purses, sunglasses, our shoes…anything you can find really. I’m so excited for you to continue to talk more so I can hear what you are thinking.

You’re our sweet baby girl and we love you so much! Happy 22 months!

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