Rosemary is 23 Months Old

As you would say this month, “Hi, baby!”. In fact, that was your first sentence. How cute is that? It melted my mama heart that the first sentence you wanted to say was to your little brother. Your vocabulary has continued to grow exponentially this month. I’ve lost track of all the new words you’ve said, but some of my favorites that you say all the time are:

  • “Oh no!” – you especially like to say this in your crib while waiting for us to come get you
  • “Welwo (Elmo),” “Abby,” “Bi Bir (Big Bird)”, “Ah-ker (Oscar)”, and something that vaguely sounds like “Grover”
  • “Yuh-ee (yucky)” – you say this about any brown spots on bananas
  • “Ani (banana)” – you ask for about 5 bananas per day and eat about a third of each….
  • “Reid” – I’m feeling pretty happy about choosing an easy name for you to say!

It also seems like you’ve chosen some names for your grandparents! My parents are Gigi and Papa, and Chris’s mom is “Yaya.” We are still pushing “Grumpa” for Chris’s dad because we love it, but you haven’t quite said it yet. I’m happy to have unique names for the grandparents so we know who you are talking about. You sure love them all so much! We get to see each of them about once or twice a week, and I’m so thankful that you’re getting the opportunity to be close to your grandparents.

You were so much healthier this month, and we are so glad! It made us so sad to see you not feel well. Now that you’re feeling better, we are trying to have a little more fun again. We’ve implemented Mommy or Daddy and Rosemary lunches once a week, and we’ve loved it! You are so fun at this age, so it’s great to get a little one on one time with you. We also still get quite a bit of one on one time with you playing outside. We have a lot of flowers in our backyard this time of year, so we go outside to pick flowers almost every day. I’m excited that you seem to like going outside (and picking flowers) as much as I did as a kid.

Unfortunately, you’ve had a little bit of separation anxiety this month. When we set you in your crib, especially at naptime, you cry the saddest little cry. Sometimes you fall asleep right away, and others you refuse to nap at all. You look and act so tired if you don’t nap, so we are trying to work through it, but you should know that you aren’t missing out on much while napping! Just two sleepy parents recovering from a bad night’s sleep, haha!

Since Chris is still off on paternity leave, we’ve been able to venture a little farther during the week than you and I ever did. We went to Stone Mountain one day and rode the Skyride to the top! You were pretty scared on the way up, but you were fearless on the way down! You shouted “Weee!” as it the gondola started its descent! We also drove to Salon Red in Decatur for your first haircut. We didn’t get much length taken off, but just evened it out so your curls could really shine. You seemed a little nervous but didn’t cry at all!

We’re all getting used to being a family of four, but you’re handling it like a champ. You get a little upset when I feed the baby – I actually think you may think he is hurting me – but you have been pretty mature about it overall. You seem to really love him a lot – he’s the first person you ask about in the morning and you love to kiss him goodnight. When he is in his rock n play or carseat, you kneel down next to him and rock him saying “rock rock!” It’s so cute!

It’s your last month before turning two! I can’t believe how fast time is flying! Please stay my baby forever, sweet girl. We love you more than you know!

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