Reid is Three Months Old!

Reid, you are three months old today! I spent the day lamenting how big you’re getting and the end of the “fourth trimester.” But, even as I write this, you’re curled up on my chest, and I have to remind myself that you’ll always be my little baby!
We went to the doctor for your well visit a week after your 2 month appointment and you weighed 12lb 10oz. You are turning into a little chunk, with the beginnings of arm and leg rolls! It’s getting a little warmer, so we get to see those rolls more often, too. Unfortunately, you have really sensitive skin, so we have to use lots of lotion to keep your skin soft and rash free.
Your hair is starting to come back and it’s so soft! I think it’s going to end up being light brown (similar to Rosemary’s), but it’s a little too short to say for sure yet. I love to rub my cheek up against your soft head while you cuddle. Your eyes are still blue at the moment, but they are a dark, denim-y blue, so I’m curious whether they will stay blue. It doesn’t matter though! We just want you to be our sweet, happy boy.
You’re growing up so much! You love to smile and talk to us. It’s actually pretty easy to get a big smile from you! We even think you may be laughing a little. It’s a little tough to tell whether you’re just happy talking or laughing, but either way it’s so sweet to watch! I love seeing you so happy!
Even though you still like to cuddle chest to chest or in the crook of our arms, you’ve started liking to face out too. You want to see the world and watch your big sister. You also like to sit in the jumperoo. Rosemary will come over and play with some of the jumperoo toys and you watch. You especially love the little parrot that hangs about you in the jumperoo. After about 10 minutes, though, you tend to fall asleep. It’s pretty sweet to think that you get so tuckered out sitting up and looking at toys for 10 minutes.
You got your first cold this month. You have the saddest little cough and have had a lot of congestion. You had worked your way up to 4-5 hours of sleep at night, but the cold brought you back down to 3. It’s made us pretty tired, especially since I got the cold too, but I try to remember how much I love the cuddles, even in the middle of the night. We started finishing the basement last week and had to use your bedroom as storage, so you’ll be in our room until the basement is finished. I’m pretty happy to know you’ll be there for a while!
You’ve tagged along on fun adventures with us this month while Chris is still on paternity leave, but you’re always strapped to me in the Baby Bjorn so you never make it into the photos! But you are there! We’ve gone in lots of walks and to the train museum. You sleep through most of it, but the fresh air has been good for everyone.
You are such a sweet and happy baby. You don’t like it when we set you down, but I’m happy to hold you whenever I can! We love you so much and have adored these past 3 months with you!

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