Reid is 4 Months Old!

Four months. How is that possible? Just a minute ago we were counting your fingers and toes and now you are practicing sitting and chatting with us! You’re letting me hold onto your babyhood, though, with your cuddliness, so all is well!

Let’s talk about your sleeping habits first. You still wake up a couple times a night. Sometimes you get 5 or 6 hour stretches, but I wouldn’t say it’s the norm yet. Chris started traveling for work this week, and I am really feeling the lack of sleep! During the day, the thought of you sleeping through the night makes me a little sad because I love cuddling you….but at night, I definitely wish I could keep sleeping! Fortunately, after I feed and change you, you fall back asleep pretty easily! I am very thankful that you fall asleep quickly and let me lay you down for a while because I use your naps during the day to put Rosemary down for her nap and bedtime. You usually only sleep for 30-45 minutes in your crib/bassinet before you wake up and realize you aren’t being cuddled, but that’s really all the time I need to put her down. We are finishing the basement, so your nursery is currently being used for storage. As such, you will be sleeping in our bedroom for the foreseeable future, which works out well since you aren’t sleeping through the night yet!

I’ve mentioned it before, but you just love being held and cuddled! I sometimes wonder if you would sleep through the night if we held you the whole time, ha! Even as I type this on my phone, you are sleeping in my arms. Honestly, I love it. The biggest issue is that it makes you hate riding in the car. You scream most of the time you are in the car! We recently hung a picture of me right in front of your car seat in case you couldn’t see me well enough in the mirror, and I think it’s helping a little! How sweet is that? You just want to see your mama or daddy! I’m going to be really sad when you stop letting me hold you so much!

This month, you laughed for the first time! You were in your activity gym and Chris was blowing little raspberries on your face/neck. He called me over and you laughed for me too! Baby giggles have to be the sweetest little noise ever! We are constantly trying to get you to laugh and smile, though it is, admittedly, super easy to get you to smile. All we have to do is smile at you and you crack a huge grin! Sometimes it makes me feel like a celebrity to have someone obsess over me so much, ha!

We had you dedicated at church this month and you smiled the entire time that the pastor was talking to you! Like Rosemary, we opted to get you dedicated instead of baptized so that you could make that choice for yourself one day! We will always pray that you develop a strong relationship with Christ throughout your life.

Because this was Chris’s last month home before returning to work, we tried to pack a lot of activities in! We visited the zoo, aquarium, Gainesville Botanical garden, strawberry farm, and Gigi and Papa’s farm. We also celebrated Rosemary’s 2nd birthday! As long as you are clean and fed, you are such a trooper at all these activities. Since you like to be cuddled so much, we tend to carry you around in the carrier most of the time.

Reid, you are such a blessing to our family. Your smile lights up the room and your cuddles warm my heart. I wish I could freeze time and enjoy this magical period forever!

P.S. Your hair has started to grow back and I’m pretty sure your head is the softest thing in the whole world right now.

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