Reid is 6 Months Old!


We’re so excited to see you growing up before our eyes – you’re six months old already! For a Christmas baby, we think it’s very important to celebrate the half birthday to make sure you get all the attention you deserve – so we’ve had a lot of fun (and cake) celebrating with you this week!

Your sixth month has been a big one – your personality is really emerging now, and you’re such a happy, loving baby! You love making eye contact – any time we look and talk at you, you just beam. You love getting cuddles, and accordingly you get frustrated whenever you’re not getting cuddles. You’re still not sleeping through the night at this point, and we’ve realized that it’s not always hunger – sometimes you just want to be pulled out of your bassinet and lay next to Mommy or I for some cuddles before you fall back asleep. You also love your sister, and Rosemary loves you – it’s been precious watching you two bond and enjoy each other, although sometimes her love for you is a little bit aggressive!

We’ve continued to explore foods with you this month, and you’ve found your first edible love – sweet potatoes! You laugh and smile when the spoon is in your mouth, and you cry whenever you’re not actively being fed – so you fit in perfectly with our family!

You’re starting to get a lot more dexterous as well. You love your toys, even when they frustrate you to no end – you coo and/or yell when you get your hands on busy bee or your crunchy books. You’re starting to get more interested in stuffed animals like your blue donkey – mostly just shoving them in your mouth, but I do think the donkey’s mane reminds you of my beard and soothes you to sleep! Sometimes you love rubbing your face back and forth until your paci falls out, which displays a certain special type of dexterity – we’re hopeful that your next development milestone is being able to consistently put your paci back in your mouth.

You’re also a little bit more mobile this month – bouncing in your jumperoo and desperately kicking your legs on the ground to try to crawl. We unfortunately can’t say that you’ve mastered moving forward, but you are very effective at kicking yourself backward! You’re sitting up some now, and Rosemary loves to yell “baby fall” whenever you get tired and slump over. All in all, you’re turning from a cute lump into a cuter baby who’s growing up too quickly! We love you so much Reid!

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