Rosemary is 2 Years 4 Months Old!

Hey sweet girl! You turned two year and four months two days ago, but I haven’t had a moment to sit down and write your post because, well, you scared us again this week. You had your second seizure a few days ago, and we had to take another ambulance ride down to the emergency room. This time, you were in good spirits in the morning and even when you woke up from your nap, but you slowly got needier to me. We were actually going to head to the pool when you started to slump against the ottoman and I realized you had a fever. I started our normal Tylenol/Ibuprofen alternation, but a few hours later, your fever spiked to 104.5 and you started to seize. Fortunately, we had medicine this time, so I was able to stop the seizure at 11 minutes this time. Still so scary though! We spent a few hours at the emergency room before you were discharged. You had a fever for a couple days after that and you’ve been in good spirits for the last two or three days. The doctors couldn’t figure out what caused the fever until today when Reid came down with hand foot and mouth. We think you probably had sores in your mouth that weren’t visible to the doctor. I hate seeing you in such distress, but you were so brave baby girl. And now that Reid is sick, you are so sweet. When he cries, you rush over, give him a kiss, and say “It’s ‘kay, Reid! I here!”. It is the sweetest thing!

You really love your brother so much! You constantly talk about him, and any time you’re upset, all I have to do is mention him, and you start to perk up. The first thing you ask about in the morning is where the baby is. Anytime we go anywhere, you confirm that baby will be there too. You are always on official pacifier duty, finding it when he drops it, and putting it back in his mouth whether he wants it or not!

This month has been all about the pool. Along with many other things (cookies, cake, Coco, wagon), I’ve had to start spelling the word pool when talking about it. You don’t forget anything I say now, so we have to be confident that we are going before even mentioning it. You are so so smart! I don’t know how you remember so many thing at your age. I’m especially impressed by how quickly you figure out how to do things and when you make believe. Just yesterday you used your bunny’s hand to hold a rattle and pretended that he was shaking it along to the music.

I could have mentioned it for many months now but always forget – your hair is wild! I always say that it’s as wild as you are, ha! There are tons of soft, beautiful curls all over your head, many of which seem to stop right in your eyes. I always try to put bows in your hair to keep them out of your face, but you always manage to get them out. You are a girl who knows what she likes!

You are such a sweet little girl! You are always kind to all your friends and excited to play. We love you so much and can’t wait to see what fun the next month brings!

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