Reid is 7 Months Old!

Wow, seven months is feeling way closer to one year than I am comfortable with. When did you turn into such a big boy? When we went to the doctor at the beginning of the month for your 6 month appointment, you were 18lbs 10oz! Thats over 10lbs more than when you were born! Not only are you so much bigger physically, but you are doing so much more every day! Here’s a run down of what’s going on (I figured I would include some upcoming milestones so we could track what you’re doing a little easier):

  • Supported Sit: Yes
  • Unsupported Sit: Mostly Yes, but you need use your arms and not for very long
  • Grabbing at Toys/Food: Yes
  • Crawl: No, but you’re definitely trying!
  • Supported Standing: No
  • Unsupported Standing: No
  • Walking: No
  • # of Teeth: Zero

To be honest, you seem pretty content with whatever you can currently do, ha! If you are being held, or even looked at, you are happy. You are definitely trying to crawl – I thought you were so close this afternoon when you wanted to get to my phone – but it doesn’t seem like something that bothers you that you can’t do.

Everyone is always telling us how happy you look! You flash that big smile at friends and strangers alike. Something about that smile makes people feel special, like you smile just for them. I know it makes me, dad, and Rosemary all feel like we hung the moon! I just think you’re such a special little person. Like this little soul sent to us to keep us all smiling.

Rosemary certainly loves you beyond words. She asks about you all the time. She had to go to the hospital this month for a seizure, and the only thing that could cheer her up was talking about you (and sometimes cookies). She wants to make sure you always have your paci or “baby milkies.” She gives you the sweetest hugs and you smile from ear to ear. She also loves to tickle you, as do we, and you laugh the most infectious laugh. Sometimes it sounds kind of piggy like, but even that is so adorable.

You used to hate riding in the car, but you’ve warmed up to that, which has made my life much easier.

…and speaking of easier…you’ve started sleeping through the night as of late last week!!!! It was certainly a long journey. I tried getting you to sleep in your room during nap time or when I put Rosemary to bed multiple times over the past few months and never had any success. You’d scream and scream. A week and a half before you finally slept through the night, I transitioned you to your room and spent a couple nights on a twin mattress on the floor. You did ok for a while, but still woke up multiple times per night. Things slowly got worse until the night before you slept through the night. That night, you screamed for 4 hours straight unless I was actively feeding you! We only got 2 hours of interrupted sleep. Dad was traveling and I felt like I was losing my mind. Of course, dad came home the next day and you slept through the night. I think the kicker was that we put you to bed at the same time as Rosemary instead of holding you for a few hours afterward. I guess you were falling asleep too soundly on us and the transition to your bed fully woke you up and scared you. I am pretty sad to lose those nighttime cuddles, but we still snuggle during your afternoon nap at least! Your schedule is a little weird, but it works for us: I nurse you to sleep around 7, put Rosemary down, you usually wake up while I put her down and feed you again around 7:45. Then you sleep until around 5:30AM, when I feed you again, and you sleep until around 8 or 8:30. Sleep training was (and inevitably is) such a frustrating process, but I am so so proud of you for being a brave little baby and sleeping in your room!

We’ve been continuing to introduce you to new foods. This week, we even gave you some puffs and baby mum mums, which is more substantial than just a puree. You didn’t like the puff much, but devoured the mum mum! It got all over you and you’d cry when you ran out. Unfortunately, we are taking you to an allergist in a couple weeks. We had given you peanut butter a few times without a problem, but one time I gave it to you and your skin started getting red spots on it soon after. The spots were very similar to your heat rash and you were playing vigorously with a toy after, so it scared me but I partially wrote it off. A few days later, I gave it to you again and you made this weird gasping noise and gagged on the PB or mucus and spit up quite a bit. Since then, it seems like the gasping noise is one that you just like to make…even if it scares me every single time. I’m hoping that the allergist is just a precaution, but since PB allergies are so scary, the doctor wants us to rule it out. I’m hoping and praying that you don’t have any serious allergies. I don’t know what I would do if something happened to my sweet smiling angel.

Your hair is really starting to curl up. I’ll give you a bath and it’ll dry pretty straight, but it gets curlier any time you get hot or roll around on it. It is so so adorable!

I love you, baby boy. We all love you. You have such a tender heart and love to snuggle up to your family. Your smile lights up our world. I know we will look back at this time with you and your sister as the best time of our lives!


P.S. Check out the photo of you and Rosemary crying. She was hangry and then I took her paci away and she got so upset….and you are a sympathetic cryer. Anytime Rosemary gets really upset you break out the saddest little frown and tears!

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