Rosemary is 2 Years 4 Months!

Hey, sweet girl! I’m running late on posting this again, so I am going to work on finding a way to streamline these posts. You are busy busy busy these days, so I am running out of time to write much. Let’s see how we can categorize some of your accomplishments so I can try to remember all my favorite things about this month:

Cute Quotes:

  • “Yeah” and “No” and SO many different intonations
  • “Oh no, it’s a rainy day”
  • “Sunshine flower”
  • “Long long long hair” (you think your hair is as long as Rapunzels haha!)

Favorite Things

  • Reid! You still love playing with him and giving him kisses!
  • Thomas the train
  • Camp lantern that we let you keep in your bed
  • Sleeping on the floor (whyyyy?)
  • Pom pom jar that we started this month (trying to use positive reinforcement to keep you from hitting mommy and to incentivize you to listen, ha!)
  • Cookies at the grocery store
  • Tangled (the movie) and your “Rapunzel house”
  • Books – current favorites are Pat the Bunny, Goodnight Goodnight Construction Site, Goodnight Moon, and Pacifiers are Not Forever
  • Bubbles and playing outside

Least Favorite Things

  • Car seat
  • Stroller

Fun Activities

  • Fernbank – you loved the dinosaurs, giant bubbles, and ocean exhibit
  • Going to Gigi and Papa’s farm
  • Visiting a Sunflower farm, although you ran into the field and nearly scared me to death!
  • Picking a gallon of blackberries! You did a great job holding the bucket and picking only the ripe berries!
  • Playing in the play center at the Y, which we joined this month
  • Music school

You really are becoming your own person, and it’s so fun to watch! You definitely have a wild side, and I am trying to embrace it while keeping you safe. You are so friendly and are rarely shy. I am so proud of independent you are, even if I want to keep you my little baby forever. You’ve been asking to be a little baby this week (baby bottles, sleep sacks, etc.), and we are more than happy to comply. You’ll always be our baby, no matter how old you get! We love you so much, sweet girl!

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