Reid is 8 Months Old!

Hi sweet boy! You are 8 months old now, and I can hardly believe it. You keep getting bigger and bigger, but you’re still my little snuggle baby who wants to sleep in my arms and be held close.

Last month, I wrote about your sleep schedule, and I was so happy that you were sleeping through the night. Of course, right after I wrote that, you got a cold and totally regressed. You were waking up 3 -5 times per night and I was feeding you to get you go back to sleep, so it was a pretty hard habit to break. I think we’ve gotten it pretty under control now, but you are still waking up so early. Dad or I have to get up with you around 5AM every morning! I’m trying to look at the bright sides – extra baby cuddles, a cup of coffee before chasing your sister around, and some time to lounge on the couch watching TV. Fortunately, even though you like to wake up early, you are pretty content to snuggle for a while.

When I think back on the month, the major thing that stands out right now is that we found out you have some allergies. We just found out a few days ago that you are allergic to milk, peanuts, and maybe eggs. The doctor advised that we don’t feed you any of that, plus tree nuts just in case you develop that allergy too. Because I am breastfeeding you, I am cutting those out of my diet too. We are trying to limit Rosemary’s exposure to those foods too since she isn’t *quite* a clean eater yet, ha! I was so upset when I heard the news. I cried pretty hard. You are this perfect little doll – how could you have such scary allergies? I’m trying to remind myself that we are blessed to be able to have the means to take care of you and let me stay home with you. But I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t terrified. I want to keep you in a little bubble so I can keep you safe, but I know I need to let you live a normal life. I’m still learning to navigate the situation, and know I will for a long time, but I pray that we will do everything we can to protect you. And, of course, that you outgrow these allergies!

I’ve been pretty slow to introduce you to new foods this month. At first it was because it’s so messy and I tried to time it with baths, but when you had a questionable reaction to peanuts, we got a lot more cautious. Now that I know you have an allergy, I am so paranoid. If you are 18 and reading this and have only tried like 5 foods, I apologize. Your skin is so sensitive and I just can’t tell when you have an allergic reaction or have just rubbed your face too hard.

On a more positive note, I feel like you are developing so quickly now! Here’s your monthly update:

  • Supported Sit: Yes
  • Unsupported Sit: Yes
  • Grabbing at Toys/Food: Yes
  • Crawl: Yes (army crawl where you mostly use your arms)
  • Supported Standing: Yes! You want to stand all the time! We have to work hard to get you to bend to sit sometimes!
  • Unsupported Standing: No
  • Walking: No
  • # of Teeth: Zero

We are so proud of you! You are working so hard to get around and be independent. I try very hard to split my attention between you and Rosemary equally, so when I am focusing on Rosemary, you have gotten a lot better at playing independently. You have started to really love toys and are happy to play with anything you are given! When you get tired, or you are put in your car seat or high chair when you don’t want to be, toys just make you upset, though! You’ll start to play and then just arch your back and cry!

We all just love spending time with you, sweet boy. Rosemary loves to talk about how “silly” her “baby brother” is. Dad and I love to tickle you and hear your contagious little laugh. You’re most ticklish on your ribs, but we can sometimes get you on your chubby thighs and feet too. You’ll even laugh when we play peekaboo sometimes. I didn’t think babies could give hugs, but you proved me wrong! You wrap your little arms around our necks and just squeeze so hard. It melts my heart!

You are our literal bundle of joy. I can’t help but smile when I think of your precious little face, the sweet little curls on the top of your head, the deep rolls in your chunky thighs, and the little dimples on your chin and finger joints. I pray every day that you continue to grow healthy and happy. We couldn’t love you any more!

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