Reid is 10 Months Old!

Hi sweet boy! We had a great month this month. The prior couple of months had a few hiccups while we learned how to adjust to your allergies, but we were able to get back to the fun this month. I chalk that up to two major things: 1) We started over on solid foods and are introducing one new food per week to record how you are doing and 2) We have started supplementing breastmilk with soy formula. Turns out, you were HUNGRY. I made your first bottle 8oz, fully expecting to throw most of it away. You gulped it down! We are now feeding you 2-3 bottles a day!

One thing that hasn’t changed, though, is that you just don’t want to sleep through the night. At this point, we think you probably just can’t sleep through the night without more solid foods. I breastfeed you and we feed you an 8oz bottle before bed, but you wake up at 5:30AM (at best). What we gain in keeping you full, we lose in overfilling your bladder. Dad is working primarily from home now, so he’s been taking a lot of the early morning shifts, thank goodness. Fortunately, between being your cuddly self and learning to play a little more independently, we can stay pretty chill in the early mornings. We also still get to cuddle during nap time every day, which I love. I tried to sleep train you during nap time a little at one point, but ultimately decided that we both like the cuddle time. You will sleep on me, so it works for us.

Speaking of playing independently, we have been so proud of how much you have grown and explored this month. You LOVE our little toddler play gym that we keep in our den. You like to stand in the middle of it, go down the tiny slide, and open and close the door. Actually, you like standing just about anywhere these days. You’re pulling yourself up on everything! You’d think that standing would make you seem bigger, but it’s actually cute to see how tiny you are when you’re at your tallest.

Your relationship with Rosemary is still as cute as ever. Lately, she’s been asking to hold you all the time and wants to feed you your bottle. Fortunately, you are pretty good at holding the bottle yourself now because she tends to move it all over the place! When you cry, she tries to soothe you with hugs and kisses…or repeating “calm down!!” over and over. Haha! It’s not super effective, but I love how you two love each other.

Here’s our update for the month. The biggest change is that you now have your first tooth! I’ll miss your sweet gummy smile, but your little tooth is also so cute.

  • Supported Sit: Yes
  • Unsupported Sit: Yes
  • Grabbing at Toys/Food: Yes
  • Crawl: Yes. Everywhere!
  • Supported Standing: Yes
  • Unsupported Standing: No
  • Walking: No
  • # of Teeth: One!

I don’t even know how to put into words how much we love you. You are my little snuggle bug, and my heart bursts every time I see you. When you see me, a huge smile always flashes on your face and you make me feel so loved. I like to carry you around, cheek to cheek with your chunky little arms wrapped around my neck. I say this all the time, but I wish I could keep you this age forever. Your love is so pure and you’ve become so fun. You’re this little angel sent to our family, and I am so grateful for every second with you!

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