Reid is 12 Months Old!

I can’t believe I’m writing this, but you are one year old, baby Reid! When you were born, Rosemary was just learning to speak, so we called you “baby” a lot, and the name has stuck. We almost always call you “Baby Reid.” It’s fitting, too, because you like being our little baby. Even at a year old, you love to snuggle and get lots of kisses. It’s wonderful.

Even though you are our little snuggle bug, you are starting to demand more and more independence. We’ve been working our way up to more and more foods, but meal time has become a bit of a problem for you. If you suspect we are eating a meal and you are just getting puffs, you scream your discontent. You want to be a big kid who can eat with us, but we just aren’t there yet. That being said, we are constantly amazed by what you are able to do. I gave you a bowl of carrots with oatmeal and you managed to feed yourself with a spoon. I guess watching us eat for so long has taught you a lot! We need to let you eat more solid foods, but we are just so scared when you eat. Even if it’s something you’ve eat 20 times, I’m still nervous that you might have an allergic reaction. Hopefully that fear lessens with time.

I’m happy to say that you are still sleeping through the night! You typically wake up around 5:30 or 6, but after 10+ months of middle of the night wakings, we are so happy with your progress. In the morning, we bring you down to our room where I feed you, and then dad tends to wake up with you for the day. I am SO thankful that he is willing to do that because I need that extra sleep!

During nap time, you still sleep in my arms. Sometimes you fall asleep in the car right before nap time, ruining your nap, but most of the time you sleep pretty well in my arms. I love watching your sweet little face while you snooze and feeling your warm, heavy body in my arms. One day you’ll outgrow these nap cuddles, but in the meantime, I cherish them so much. I’m usually so busy during the day running errands and managing the house and parenting you and Rosemary that we just don’t get many cuddles during the waking hours. You are sleeping during these cuddles, but I’ll always remember how sweet they were. I hope they help you a sense of love and connection with me.

We celebrated your birthday on Christmas day with all your grandparents and Uncle Brandon. They came over in the afternoon to reveal the new playground they bought you and Rosemary. We let you go down the slide for the first time and you were instantly hooked. When you want something, you point with your thumb and pointer finger and grunt so loud. Your face turns bright red! Anytime you got off the slide, you immediately pointed and grunted for us to put you back at the top. You never wanted to stop. You slid for almost an hour before going inside and opening a few presents that we put under your “birthday tree.”

Lately you’ve been trying to communicate more and more. You’ve learned to point and will point over and over until we give the thing you are pointing at a name. You also are trying to talk so, even if it’s “Da!!” 90% of the time, and babble the rest of the time. You also like to wave, clap, and peekaboo. Just this week, I taught you to lean your forehead towards me when I say “Give me a kiss!”

Here’s an update on your milestones:

  • Supported Sit: Yes
  • Unsupported Sit: Yes
  • Grabbing at Toys/Food: Yes
  • Crawl: Yes.
  • Supported Standing: Yes
  • Unsupported Standing: No, but almost!
  • Walking: No
  • # of Teeth: Two

Honestly, when I sit down to write your posts each month, I have to think about all the things you are doing. When I think about you (which I do all the time), I don’t think about all your milestones and accomplishments. I think about how much you make me smile. How you are always laughing and smiling. How even strangers notice what a happy baby you are. Your chubby thighs and soft hands. How you lean in for kisses when I feed you a bottle. How your face lights up when you see me. How you crawl as fast as you can towards me when I walk into the room. You bring us all so much joy! We love you so so so much and I feel so blessed to call you my son. I am so proud of you and can’t wait to see who you become.

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