Reid is One Year!

Happy 1st birthday, Reid!!

The days have come and gone both quickly and slowly, it seems. On one hand, it feels like just the other day when we were introducing you to Rosemary in the hospital. On the other hand, you’ve become such a big part of the family who brightens up everyone’s day. I was so blessed to spend four months at home with you and our family after your birth – it gave us all a chance to adapt to being a family of four and find our groove.

It’s so special to have your birthday fall on Christmas. I have to be honest, this Christmas is much less stressful than last year! You were born into our family at a hectic time, and there have been great times and hard times over the past year, but I wouldn’t trade it for the world and we love you so much! Maybe down the road you’ll get frustrated over sharing a birthday with a holiday, but for now we’re enjoying that it’s just another reason to bring together the family that loves you and loves to celebrate you.

You’re a very sweet, happy and loving baby. You love being held — twelve months in, and we’re still holding you at nap time and bed time until you fall asleep. Rosemary’s stage like that only lasted like two months, so we’re loving the fact that you still want to be held close this long. Your face lights up whenever one of us walks in the room and talks to you. You also get incredibly upset whenever one of us walks out of the room (well, really just mommy…). Whenever we come close to your face, you lean in for a kiss.

You love to be silly. You think it’s hilarious when I’m “coming to get you” up the stairs or from another room. You love to rip the socks off your feet and stick them on your head — or take your empty bottle or snack cup and stick it on your head — or really anything else that can fit on your head. Once it’s on your head you’ll just sit there and make noise until someone looks, and then you’ll flash a huge smile and giggle a bit. I love making you laugh like little baby Seth Rogen. You love ripping off my glasses and getting little greasy baby smudges all over them – I can’t say I match your enthusiasm there, but you make me smile and laugh all the time otherwise.

You’re diligent and you love to tinker. You figured out how to unlock the gates in our den in a matter of days once we re-installed them. One of your favorite toys this year was “anything that resembles a box” and “anything that can be placed in a box.” You like to unstack mixing bowls from one cabinet and restack them in another cabinet. Your vision must be 100 times better than mine, because you’ll crawl across the room to very slowly and carefully inspect a crumb on the ground… before placing it in your mouth. You burst into tears if I ever deprive you of said crumb, but that just is how it is!

You’re adventurous and outgoing. If you see an open gate or an open door in front of you, you go for it. You climb up stairs and you climb up (high)chairs. You make friends everywhere we go because you won’t stop staring at every new face. When we gave you and Rosemary a playground for Christmas, you went face-first down the slide the first time – and every time.

Speaking of Rosemary, she loves you and you love her. There was some apprehension when you were first born, but now you’re a huge part of each other’s lives. We love watching you play with and love one another. I know that babies typically don’t play *with* others early on – rather they just play *near* other kids. That’s not-at-all the case with you – you want to be right there with Rosemary, playing with the same toys, playing with her, and having fun together. Sometimes it ends up being a little too much fun when Rosemary locks her arms around your neck and lays on top if you on the ground – but as long as you can breathe, you love it!

Your favorite word is “da da”. It’s also one of your only words – but hey, I’ll take it! Even before you could talk (or eat), you loved moving your mouth while we talked (or ate) to try to be a part of the experience. You’re a little goober who wants to be a part of everything going on, and we want to include you in it all!

Our lives are so much richer with you in them, and we love you so much! We can’t wait for you to walk and talk and just generally continue growing into a strong, healthy, happy boy. Every day with our family is better than the last, and we’re so excited for more. We love you Reid!

{Love, Dad}


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