Reid is 13 Months!

Hi baby boy. It’s our first post as a big one year old, and I still can’t believe you’re such a big boy. Even Rosemary likes to shout “Good job, Reid! What a big boy!” for all your accomplishments. You’re a big hit around here. We all love to cuddle, watch, and cheer you on.

Your favorite hobbies right now include:

  1. Looking for food. We are still slowly introducing food to you, so we don’t have a lot of safe options. You spend a lot of time doing your own searching. No crumb on the floor goes unnoticed. No snack of Rosemary’s goes unwatched. We seem to have discovered the first food you don’t like (spinach), but of course that comes with a lot of anxiety that you’re allergic, not just picky. I think we’ll all be a little happier when you can communicate your food preferences.
  2. Playing with Rosemary. You always want to play with her and whatever she’s playing with. Some days, y’all play great together. Other times, neither of you wants to share, but we are finding ways to take turns and play together. It’s really fun to see your sibling relationship forming! It’s obvious you both love each other so much. When I hold you and Rosemary runs towards you, you bounce up and down in excitement. Rosemary loves nothing more than when you come to greet her in her room each morning. You are both so sweet together!
  3. Dancing. It takes almost nothing to get you to dance lately. You got a little toy train for your birthday that plays the Thomas the Train song when you push a button…and you push it a lot. You carried it around for a solid week pushing the button and dancing constantly. You do a lot of head swaying and body bouncing. We all love it, so we like to start singing and see if you’ll dance along. You usually do!

After 5 or 6 ear infections in a row over the past couple months, you had tubes put in your ears this month. We are hopeful that this helps prevent infections and decrease the number of antibiotics you’re prescribed. I took you to the surgery with Gigi because dad had to stay home with a sick Rosemary. You were a total champ! You didn’t cry a single tear until I took you back to the operating room and set you down and put your socks on. When I looked up, they already had the mask on you and I was surprised to learn they were already giving you the anesthesia! It was so hard for me to watch you go to sleep for surgery. I held your hand until you were asleep, gave you a big kiss on your head, and was ushered to a post-op room. I cried in the hallway. You’re my little baby, and I’d take away any fear and pain I could for you!

When they wheeled you back to the post-op room on a big stretcher, you looked so tiny. I remember they had these teeny tiny cotton balls in your ears. Everything felt like a reminder to how small you are. They warned me that when you woke up from anesthesia, you’d be upset. Most kids cry for 10-15 mins and can’t be consoled. You, on the other hand, woke up and briefly cried until mommy picked you up and gave you a bottle. From there, you were happy. They told me that they wished every kid did as well as you. You are my happy and brave little boy. I hope you always stay that way!

  • Supported Sit: Yes
  • Unsupported Sit: Yes
  • Grabbing at Toys/Food: Yes
  • Crawl: Yes.
  • Supported Standing: Yes
  • Unsupported Standing: Yes, but only for a few seconds at a time
  • Walking: No
  • # of Teeth: Three

I am so proud of you, sweet boy. You’ve had to face more health challenges in your short lifetime than I would have wished for you, but you never let that drag you down. You’re still 100% my little snuggle bug. You want to be with mommy all the time and I love it. I dread the day you don’t want to cuddle me! You’re growing and learning new things every day, and we can’t wait to see what the next month brings!

P.S. I taught you to lean in for a kiss when I say “Gimme a kiss” and it’s all of our favorite thing <3

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