Reid is 16 Months Old

Reid, you are 16 months old now! Today, we had you dressed in a shirt, shorts, and sandals, and you looked like a little boy. Where’d my little baby go?

First and foremost, you are finally walking! You took almost all of that 16 months, but you are officially a walker now. You get angry when we don’t let you walk on your own now. You still fall pretty frequently, but you can walk for long stretches when the ground is even, your hands are empty, and no well-intentioned, but clumsy older sister is running after you. You mostly like to use your new walking abilities to walk to mommy, food, or whatever toy Rosemary has.

Speaking of which, you and Rosemary are getting closer and closer to playing together. A lot of the times, you two fight over toys. You both want what the other one is playing with. Every now and then, though, you two play together and it’s so precious. Rosemary has started letting you play with her food truck in her room, and you love making food for all of us to eat. You emulate our eating and drinking noises and say “mmm!” after you pretend to take a bite.

You’ve also learned a lot of new words! You love to say “dah!” (yeah) whenever we ask you questions. You say “hello” rarely and “bye!” all the time. You know a few animal noises – “woof woof”, elephant trumpeting, and “ca ca” for birds.

You have developed quite the temper. Sometimes we do something to upset you (for example, I took a marker out of your mouth) and you crawl a few feet away and have a temper tantrum. You lie down in anguish, kick your feet, and periodically look back at us to make sure we see how mad you are. It’s too cute to be mad at, but we’ve definitely had a few laughs.

This is probably the last bulleted update since you’ve now met all these milestones!

  • Supported Sit: Yes
  • Unsupported Sit: Yes
  • Grabbing at Toys/Food: Yes
  • Crawl: Yes.
  • Supported Standing: Yes
  • Unsupported Standing: Yes
  • Walking: Yes!
  • # of Teeth: Six

Reid, we all love you so much. Rosemary likes to exclaim “I just love my chunky boy.” I guess we talk about your chunky little legs pretty often, ha! Sometimes it’s hard to believe that we get to be your family. You are just so sweet and smart. I’m so proud of you and am so happy that I get to be your mommy. I love you!

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