Reid is 17 Months Old!

Hey sweet boy! It’s hard to believe you’re almost a year and a half old. You’re such a big part of our family, though, so it sometimes feels like you’re older.

This month, you really became a toddler. You’re still our happy little guy, but if we do something to make you mad, you throw such a dramatic little tantrum. If we even just nicely tell you no, you’ll throw down whatever you’re holding, run far away and either throw yourself onto the ground and flail or find something to throw around the room. Honestly, we have a hard time not laughing because you’re typically so happy, but you’re clearly frustrated. I think you want to be a big kid like your sister, but you’re frustrated by your baby limitations.

With that roller coaster of emotions comes lots of happy emotions too. My favorite thing you do right now is dance while “snapping” your little fingers. Your favorite song is EASILY “Wheels on the Bus.” You ask us to sing it all the time by pretending to steer a little imaginary steering wheel. You also will point to the ceiling and hum a little when you want “Twinkle Twinkle.” I’ve even picked up the ABC’s here and there.

We are really starting to realize how smart you are. You understand everything we say. The other day, you were asking me to put on a particular pair of shoes, and I told you that I didn’t know where the second shoe was and you pointed over behind the table, walked over, and brought it back to me. I couldn’t believe it. You’re saying lots more too. You are saying “shishy” (sissy) now, which brings a big smile to Rosemary’s face.

We love you so much, sweet boy! You still let me snuggle you to sleep every nap and bedtime (we stopped nursing just before you turned 16 months), which I love. I just want to keep you my little baby forever!

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