Reid is 18 Months Old!

Happy 18 months, sweet boy! You’re a year and a half years old now, and you’re really growing up. You surprise us every day with all that you understand and all that you can do!

This wasn’t your healthiest month. You had Roseola at the beginning of the month and Hand Foot & Mouth at the end of the month. The former lasted nearly a week and came with really high fevers (over 104), which scared us after your sister’s history with febrile seizures. You handled both like a champ, though. You weren’t your usual self, but you were a trooper.

Reid, you understand so much these days. You’re constantly nodding yes or violently waving your arm no when we ask you questions (or even when we just casually mention things around you). Honestly, it cracks us up most of the time. We always know where we stand with you!

One thing that we learned this month is that we can ask you to fall back asleep over the monitor and you actually do it! It’s so hilarious, but also so convenient. I realized this one day when dad was traveling and I was too tired for your 5AM wakeup. You started to cry and I figured I would try a last ditch attempt to stay in bed. I grabbed the monitor and said “Hey Reid, it’s still night time. Go back to sleep.” and you flopped back over onto your tummy and fell back asleep for 2 hours! I thought it was a one time thing, but it’s worked about 10 times now!! THANK YOU!

We saw your allergist again this month and learned that you hadn’t outgrown anything yet. We weren’t really surprised, but the doctor wants us to test baked egg to see if you can tolerate it. We are doing that next week, and I am really nervous! I hope you pass the challenge, but primarily pray that you stay safe. The doctor also encouraged us to expose you to as many foods as possible before you turn 3. He told us that we should watch for body hives and/or vomiting instead of worrying every time we saw a hive on your face, which has given us a lot more confidence. Apparently you cute little chin is just super sensitive! We’ve really increased the number of foods you have tried, and you are loving it! You get really upset when you aren’t eating the same food as everyone else, so we are having a harder time taking you to restaurants.

We like to call you our little hype man. You excitedly gasp any time you see anything, even if it’s super mundane. You also point out every car you see. Nothing gets the same excitement as “Wheels on the Bus,” though. We have to sing it every time we see a bus, and you start to sing it and pretend to steer a steering wheel when you want to watch “Wheels on the Bus” videos on TV. We are actually pretty impressed at your ability to carry a tune at your age.

You’re such a sweet little guy, Reid. You’re turning more and more into an independent toddler, but you still love a good mommy or daddy cuddle. I’m really cherishing this time with my cuddly boy, or with my chunky boy as Rosemary often calls you. You’re so precious to all of us, and we love you so much!

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