Reid is 19 Months Old!

Happy 19 months, baby boy! Just look at you – you’re getting so big! That little boy haircut you got this month makes you look so big. You’re just the cutest little baby, and your little smile just melts my heart. You have this big gap in your teeth, and it’s one of my favorite things ever. You make a big cheese face whenever I bring out my camera, and it just cracks me up.

You’ve become pretty vocal this month. We tried to count all your words so we could tell the doctor a few weeks ago, and we lost track. Your most recent word, though, is one that you won’t let us forget. You say “snack” about 100 times an hour. You love food, and are definitely not a picky eater so far. You also like to put food in your ear while we are in the car. I have no idea why. We constantly have to tell you take cheerios or crackers or bread out of your ear. As Rosemary would say, “you’re a goofball!”

Some of your favorite things right now include:

  • Buses – you love to watch Little Baby Bum and sing along to “Wheels on the Bus.” You prompt us to sing along by waving your hands in a steering wheel motion and kind of humming the tune.
  • Cars – when we go on walks around the neighborhood, you like to point out every car that we see, especially if Papa tags along. Speaking of which….
  • Papa – you walk around saying “Papa. Papa” sometimes. When you pretend to talk on the phone, you say you’re talking to Papa.
  • Snacks – I already mentioned it above, but it bears repeating based on how much you like snacks. We made the mistake of mixing Fruit Loops with Cheerios. You pick out all the Fruit Loops and dump the cheerios on the ground. You are quite the stinker.
  • Mama – You still love your mama. When I leave the room/car/1″ area, you burst into tears and cry for Mama. Dad wants to point out that you did cry for “Dada” once when I didn’t want to read another book at bedtime.
  • Giving Rosemary Hugs – except after nap time. You are grumpy after nap time. Other than that, though, you like to like to surprise Rosemary with neck hugs. You guys also like to put on a show where you give each other really sweet hugs when mommy is watching. It’s adorable.
  • Rollover –¬†we’ve had a mattress on the floor of your room for a couple months (long, uninteresting story). You and Rosemary like to sing the song “There were two in the bed and the little one said, rollover…” and then roll off the bed. You look like a little goober barrel rolling off the mattress.

I can’t believe that you’ll be starting preschool in just over a month. When did you get to be such a big boy? Thank you for letting me keep you my little snuggle bug for so long. I can’t even imagine our lives without you. You’re our little comedy act and our sweet angel. We love you so much!

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