Reid is 20 Months Old!

Hi Reidie-Pie! This is currently your nickname, by the way. In addition to “chunky boy” and “my baby”, Rosemary consistently calls you “Reidie-Pie.” And, much to my shock, you’re nearly the age Rosemary was when you were born (she was 20 months and 25 days). She seemed so big then, but you still seem like our baby. You even still drink bottles twice a day…admittedly because we are scared to mess with your sleep routine. You sleep through the night but start crying as soon as you wake up, so we don’t want to put you to bed on an empty tummy! We all love having our little baby around, though! You truly are a little beacon of light. A laughing, gap-toothed beacon of light!

A couple of weeks ago, we did a baked egg food challenge to see if you could tolerate eggs when baked for at least 30 minutes and you passed! So now we are supposed to feed you baked eggs every day. Of course, you are a toddler and resist eating it. We’ve tried multiple different forms (muffins, cake, bread), and bread is the only one we’ve had mild success offering. Hopefully we are on the path to you outgrowing an allergy!

You’ve also gone to your first classroom visit this month! You start school this week. We are nervous because of your allergies, but know you are going to thrive in school. You are so smart. You always know what we are saying, communicate really well for a 20 month old, and amaze us with your imaginative play. Once school starts, I’ll have 2 days home with just you and 1 day home with just Rosemary. I’m really looking forward to the one on one time. We’ll see how you like the days where Rosemary goes to school without you. Your little heart was crushed when Rosemary had gradual entry and you didn’t get to stay at school with her. We are convinced that you think you are 3 just like her. You want to do everything just like her!

Some of your favorite things this month are:

  • Dinosaurs: We’ve gone to Fernbank a few times this month, and you love the dinosaurs. You cry and say “Roar! Roar!” any time we take off a dinosaur shirt.
  • Zoos: We’ve gone to a few zoos this month, and you love telling us all the different noises the animals make.
  • Water: I finally broke down and bought one of those junky plastic pools for our house. You could play there all day.
  • Phone Calls with Gigi/Papa: They’ve been traveling all month, so we’ve been calling them most days. You demand to hold the phone and give lots and lots of kisses.
  • Hide and Seek: Rosemary has been really into hide and seek lately, and you love it but you don’t really get it. When it’s your turn to hide, you sometimes hide/sometimes don’t but always jump out immediately and yell “Surprise!”. When it’s your turn to count, you go into the counting spot, count by just saying “Three. Three. Three” over and over, and then jumping out and saying surprise and acting confused when you don’t see anyone. When we are pretending we can’t find people, you always run over and reveal them.

You’ve also been saying some pretty cute things lately. Rosemary has been watching a lot of Fancy Nancy, and you’ve picked up saying “ooh la la!”. You also say “scared! scared!” when you get scared by seemingly unscary things. For example, I was changing your diaper on a sink counter at Fernbank (that was intended for diaper changes), and you kept saying “scared” and nearly shaking. You also got scared by sitting on a rock at Arabia Mountains and by Juneau and Scout licking your face. It’s pretty adorable!

We love you so much, baby Reid! You make us smile all the time. You bring us so much joy! I hope you always stay the happy little boy we love so much! We are so proud of you and love you always.

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